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Tom Woods, Ron Paul, and Cato

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Dr. Woods discusses an attack on Ron Paul by a “libertarian” vice president of the Cato Institute.

Cato’s only real beef with Dr. Paul, in my opinion, is that Paul leans socially conservative. Reason magazine also has this bias against people who hold culturally traditional views. “Mainstream libertarians” tend to have the same bias against family and church that the left-wing progressives do.

Stuff Going On — 04/26/2017

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♠ Three ISIS fighters killed, and five wounded, by razorbacks. Go Hogs!

Taxation is theft. The IRS employee is a microcosm of a larger problem, natch.

Bill Nye hates children. He is merely reflecting modern society’s prejudice against procreational sex.

Bankers doubt the Trump Tax. It’s not workable; he’ll never get it passed; well, since it got passed it won’t do what he says; well, the economy is improving, sure, but not because of the Trump tax cuts, Trump will never win reelection, well, Trump only won re-election because he lucked out with a good economy, Trump is a four-year lame-duck president, holy cow, is Trump incompetent, Trump was the greatest President of our time, now that he’s retired from public life.

Churches and Hymn Books

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These are a couple of blog posts by one Tim Challies:

What We Lost When We Lost Our Hymnals


What We Gained When We Lost Our Hymnal

Stuff Going On — 04/24/2017

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♠ The result of the French Elections: Le Pen and Macron. Macron will assuredly win; he’s as much of a shoe-in as Hillary Clinton. Believe me.

♣ Teenagers are revolting. If they are present in large enough numbers, that is.

♥ This is from four days ago: A firefighter catches a baby thrown from a burning building.

♦ About that French election: Since Macron will certainly win, the markets approve.

An App for Loneliness

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Here is an article warning of the loneliness-creating effects of technological progress.

It is interesting, in parts, and exceedingly annoying in others.

Some thoughts:

First, the economic angle. The article mentions the possibility that people won’t be able to secure employment, since robots will “do everything”, and suggests that governments might feel compelled to regulate companies, requiring a certain percentage of employees be human. This would be a mistake (as are all government interventions in the marketplace) because such a requirement would unnecessarily burden firms with additional costs which would result in either the firms raising prices, lowering quality, or ceasing to exist. Most firms operate at the margin, which practically means that most firms are on the verge of closing down–not necessarily go bankrupt; some firms close down because the owners realize they can get a better return doing something else. Another point about the economic angle I want to mention relates to the author’s statement: “As tech companies develop creative solutions to make cities more efficient, we can only hope they’ll be mindful to the effects of change on city-dwellers’ wellbeing…” I infer from this statement that the author thinks technology companies somehow impose their products onto their customers. The opposite is actually true: companies spend large amounts of time and resources trying to figure out what consumers want. If a firm is fortunate, it manages to create a product that fulfills needs and/or wants that the consumers didn’t even realize they had. Check out Chapter 7 (beginning on page 33) of this book for further consideration of technology and employment.

Second, the government angle: the author quotes people who imply that the government will need to step in to “preserve” important social infrastructures such as “parks, community centers, cafes, and shops“. Unfortunately, any government action to “preserve” such places will eventually result in their banishment altogether, because government actors respond to different incentives than market actors. I suggest Jane Jacob’s The Death and Life of Great American Cities for information on how cities’ citizens create their society organically, without government involvement.

Third, the missing angle: Not once does the author, or anyone she quotes, mention two elements of society that can do more than any government program to alleviate loneliness: the Family and the Church (or some religious community). Both institutions are voluntary in nature (more so for the Church than for the Family, perhaps), so they are excluded from the discussion by people who feel the need to arrange the lives of others “for their own good”. But as an actual solution for loneliness, both the Family and the Church are much more effective than public parks.

Stuff Going On — 04/22/2017

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♠ France is having elections tomorrow. The Female French Donald Trump seems to be doing well.

♣ The Drudge Report reports on power outages yesterday in San Francisco, New York, and at the Los Angeles International Airport. Drudge links to zerohedge, which does not in turn link to the original stories. I found the news reports Here, Here, and Here.

If you noticed I didn’t post a link for the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) power outage, it is because I could not find a news report about it. There was a power outage at LAX back in December, though.

According to the site, the LAX power outages were reported by people on Twitter.

Pre-Columbian American Chickens and Scientific Consensus.

An excerpt: “The funny thing is that chicken bones have been found in archaeological dig sites through out North America for decades and because of Scientific Consensus, these artifacts were invariably thrown away as site contamination.  The archaeologists who found them deeply resented doing so because it meant the rest of their finds would now be under a question mark.”

President Trump says he will reveal his Tax Cut Plan next week. I hope it is as good as the tax cut plan I reviewed back during the Presidential Campaign.

Venezuelan Protest Item

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A woman was recording soldiers walking down the street and shooting; when they noticed, they shot her.