Stuff Going On — 05/25/2017

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♠ Scott Adams (creator of the “Dilbert” comic strip) considers President Trump’s calling terrorists “losers” to be a genius master persuader technique.

♣ The Congressional Budget Office reports that the “TrumpCare” replacement of Obamacare, if passed, will result in 23 million people losing their health insurance. Oh, but the deficit will be reduced by $119 billion, over ten years. We can trust the CBO’s reporting on stuff like this, since their predictions concerning the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) were so correct. Said the liar.

♥ Two Portlandian entrepreneurs go on a visit to Mexico, figure out the recipe for tortillas from a restaurant they visited, return to Portland, and proceed to drive the restaurant in Mexico out of business by opening a taco truck in Portland. No, really; that’s what was totally going to happen, until some brave Social Justice Warriors stood athwart history yelling, “Boo!”

♦ No, I wasn’t familiar with “FAANGS”, but that is interesting. Anyway, is the sky falling? Is the Trump economy on the precipice of unmitigated and unimagined disaster?

Stuff Going On — 05/24/2017

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This is, like, just some guy’s opinion, man. It’s not news. Take it with a grain of salt. And, enjoy.

I’ve done a very brief bit of research (by looking at the Wikipedia article on James Comey), and so far the history matches. He was the guy that prosecuted Martha Stewart, he was the guy who absolved Bill Clinton of any wrongdoing when he (Clinton) pardoned Marc Rich, he did work at Lockheed Martin–although the opinion piece linked above seemed to indicate that he only took the job to funnel Lockheed’s charitable donations to the Clinton Foundation in return for government contracts granted to Lockheed Martin by H. Clinton’s State Department. Comey actually was hired by LM in 2005, and H. Clinton did not become Sec of State until 2008.


British police arrest three people in the investigation into the Manchester bombing. A question that the author asks is, “The more we learn about this guy, the more we wind up asking the same sickening question that crops up after so many terror attacks. How did nobody see this coming?” Well, we have some options on answering that question:

1. They saw it coming, but were too afraid for their own safety to notify anyone.
2. They saw it coming, and approved of the action.
3. They saw it coming, and tried to notify the authorities, but were ignored because “racism” (think Rotherham).
4. They saw it coming, and didn’t care.
5. They saw it coming, but didn’t think it would turn out so disastrously.
6. They didn’t see it coming, for a variety of reasons.
7. Etc., etc.

Aliens are causing a star’s light to fade and strengthen. Maybe it’s aliens. Perhaps it is faeries; why not? Elven wizards are using their magic to drain radiant energy from the star.

People who believe in extraterrestrial intelligent life forms (or any life forms) tend to believe in the “molecules to man evolutionary hypothesis” in some form or another. But if “Evolution” is true, then we earthling humans are most likely the most evolutionary advanced creatures in the universe. Seriously. Do you realize how much time it’s supposed to take for the descendants of spontaneously generated bacteria to reach human-level complexity? The universe is only 13 or 14 billion years old, after all…

“Priming the pump won’t create real wealth”, or economic growth, or income equality, or the elimination of poverty, or an end to the business cycle…

Stuff Going On — 05/23/2017

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A murderous fiend kills twenty-two people, injures over a hundred others, in Manchester, UK. The article states that the bomber is a British citizen of Libyan origin. If someone is truly a refugee, why is he bringing with him the violence that he supposedly is fleeing in his home country. Too bad members of his community didn’t do what they could to stop this.

Fox News retracts its story concerning Seth Rich, his murder, and WikiLeaks. It seems that the “TrumpRussia” story is blowing over, so this story no longer requires attention.

Former CIA Director Brennan says that there is no evidence that President Trump pressured anyone to end the “Russia Investigation”.

Has Socialism ever been tried?

Worse than Watergate, or even TrumpRussia

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Congressional Democrats may have allowed men with terrorist ties manage their office networks. The men were fired a few months ago.

Stuff Going On — 05/22/2017

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President Trump arrives in Israel. He and Israeli President Netanyahu seem to be glad to see one another.

A story about the Seth Rich — WikiLeaks connections that is interesting, if true. This is the story last week that the right-wing news sites and blogs were trying to use to drown out the Trump-Russia-Comey story. The Seth Rich story was proclaimed by the Legacy Media to be #FakeNews, and ignored.

Researchers have grown human blood stem cells in the laboratory. And thus falls another argument for antepartum infanticide: “If we don’t kill the babies, we won’t cure diseases!” Also: blood drives won’t be quite as necessary.

♦ A few years ago, I was discussing the oil situation with someone; the news was reporting that OPEC was increasing production, and the person with whom I was conversing asserted that OPEC was trying to drive U.S. oil companies out of business by driving the price below the point at which U.S. oil companies could produce oil profitably. Well, if that was so, the tactic hasn’t worked. Efficiencies and technologies developed by U.S. fracking operations has allowed U.S. oil companies to remain profitable even at and below $50 a barrel.

Here is another story concerning oil. I believe that it was instapundit that noted the power shift in the world as a result of perpetually “cheap” oil.

The Reform Candidate wins the Iranian presidential election

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Huff Post has the story

Stuff Going On — 05/20/2017

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Donald Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis seem to like him better than they liked Pres. Obama, even though Obama bowed to the prince, and Trump didn’t. Trump is moving away from the Iranophilic stance of Obama, which heartens the Saudis, who view Iran as their mortal frenemy.

The problem with “Net Neutrality”. Pro-Statists ascribe to liberty the problems that are exclusively caused by Statism.

Why birth rates are low, anymore. One reason why, at least. I did not read the entire article (yet), but there is also the factor of wealthy people being extremely self-centered. A child is a serious hindrance to the fast lane party life.

Why won’t socialists defend actual socialism? The dream of economic equality always devolves into hideous nightmare. The attractiveness of socialism is two-fold: the promise of getting free stuff, and the emotional satisfaction of seeing someone else (in this case, “the rich”) being torn down.