Pompeo and the Rapture

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The Superiority of the KJV over “Modern Translations”

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Check this out.

It is Revelation 5:9-10. It is part of the song of the Elders. Notice that every translation excepting the King James/New King James makes God’s salvation impersonal (“You have purchased for God people from every tribe”, etc.) and in verse 10 uses the pronoun “them” instead of “us”.

Now, for a relevant digression. Turn to the Gospel of Mark, chapter 16. You may notice verses 9-20 are bracketed, with a footnote saying something like, “the oldest and best manuscripts do not contain these verses”. The implication is that these verses were added later by well-meaning scribes who felt the account as it ends in verse 8 was incomplete (“They went out and fled from the tomb, for trembling and astonishment had gripped them; and they said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.“)

The reason the “oldest” manuscripts don’t contain the verses, as it turns out, isn’t because later scribes inserted them, but because the authors of the “oldest and best” manuscripts removed them, possibly for theological reasons. The two (it seems there are only two “o&b” manuscripts) were written by Gnostic or Gnostic-sympathetic authors, who wouldn’t like all this talk about Jesus literally and physically rising from the dead, so they took that section out. We know, however, that the 9-20 section existed prior to these “o&b” manuscripts, because we have earlier writings that quote from these verses. If you have some extra time, do some research just on Mark 16:9-20. Here is an article that argues for rhe passage’s authenticity.

Back to Revelation 5. My point about all this is the identity of the Elders. We know that the Elders are twenty-four in number, sit on thrones, are dressed in white robes, wear crowns, and are not the same as angels, living creatures, or tribulation saints. With a proper translation of chapter 5, versus 9-10, we also know that they are a redeemed people. This is important for understanding who the Elders actually are: the Elders are representatives and members of Christ’s Church.

This is important for eschatological reasons. Probably a majority of Christians today, if they have any cognizance of end times theology, believe that the Church will suffer through God’s wrathful judgement on the world, as described in the prophecy of Revelation (or, they might have adopted Preterism, and believe that the prophecies of Revelation and other Scriptures have already been fulfilled). However, the Elders represent Church already in Heaven, before the Lamb of God begins opening the seals, which act initiates God’s final judgement that is known as the Tribulation. Their presence is evidence that the doctrine of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church is correct.

Let’s try this again

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12:00: Eddie Piper sees Oswald on the 1st floor of the TSBD. 1

12:00 – 12:10: (estimated time) Bonnie Ray Williams goes to 6th floor to eat lunch (sees and hears no one) (?) 2

12:12: Carolyn Arnold sees Oswald in hallway between front door and double doors a few minutes before 12:15 3

12:15– 12:25: Carolyn Arnold sees Oswald in the1st floor Lunch Room 4

12:15: Arnold Rowland sees man with Rifle on 6th floor West Window (slender, dark hair, light shirt open at neck; other man was “colored” hanging out of East corner window) 5

12:15– 12:20: BRW takes elevator from 6th to 5th floor leaving Dr.Pepper bottle and partially eaten chicken behind (?) (sees and hears no one) 6

12:18: Howard Brennan sees man on 6th floor (no rifle visible at this time). (w/m, early30’s, slender, 165-75, light clothing) 7

12:20- 12:25: Carolyn Arnold looks through glass door and sees Oswald inside on 1st floor near front of TSBD 8

12:26- 12:30: Ruby Henderson sees two men on 6th/ or Top floor. One dark (Mexican or Negro), and was wearing a white shirt. The other man was the taller and lighter of the two 9

12:28: Richard Carr sees heavy set man, what, glasses, tan sport coat in 2nd window from East corner, 6th floor. 10

12:29: Carolyn Walther sees two men w/ Rifle in 5th floor SE corner Window. (one man wearing brown suit coat) 11

12:29 Robert Edwards see w/m in 6th floor SE corner window, light colored shirt, short sleeve, open neck, possibly thin 12

12:29 Ronald Fischer sees Man in 5th floor “right corner” window, man was laying down,could only see head, light headed and open neck shirt, man was in his twenties (Fischer will later change floor to 6th and shots from 4 to 3.) 13

12:29 – 12:30: Geneva Hine notes the lights are out on her phone system as motorcade approaches TSBD. 12:30 Oswald said he was on the first floor at the time of the shooting, then went up to the second floor lunchroom to get a coke. 14.

12:30 “Prayer Man” is standing at the top of the front steps of the TSBD where Buell Wesley Frazer is also standing, just above William Shelley and Lovelady, who are on lower steps.

12:30: Shots fired at JFK Limo.

12:30: Amos Euins sees Blackman with rifle in 6th floor SE corner window (later changed to white man) 15 This man firing the rifle also has white shirt and bald spot on top of head.

12:30: Howard Brennan sees white man w white shirt and Rifle in 6th floor SE corner window 16

12:30: Jack Dougherty is 10 feet west of West Elevator on 5th floor (within sight and sound of NW stairs); hears one shot. 17

12:30: Dillard Photo taken 3-15 seconds after shots shows Norman and Williams in SE 5th floor corner windows (and possibly Jarman inthe 4th window from the SE corner). They say they run to West Window after shots. 18

12:31: Vicky Adams and Sandra Styles descend the NW Rear stairs from the 4th floor to the 1st floor (see & hear no one). 19

12:31: Otis Williams runs up NW stairway to 4th floor (sees no one) goes back to his 2nd floor office (?) 20

12:31: Officer Baker enters TSBD front Entrance, runs past “Prayer Man” and goes to back w Truly, who shouts twice to release elevator. (no response). They see 2 white men by the elevators. (probably Shelley and Lovelady according to Adams) 21

12:31: Officer Barnett runs to guard back of TSBD (and Fire Escape on East Side). 22

12:31:30: Officer Baker and Roy Truly on 2nd floor by NW stairway; claim to see Oswald in Lunch room. 21

12:32: HSCA analysis show boxes in 6th floor window rearranged within 2 minutes of shooting. 22

12:32 – 12:33 Mrs. Reid returns to her 2nd floor office. Oswald calmly walks by her with coke in hand. 23

12:32 – 12:33 Deputy Roger Craig arrests a woman in her early thirties attempting to drive out of a private railyard parking lot. She was in a brown 1962 or 1963 Chevrolet . Craig turns her over to Deputy Sheriff Lummy Lewis. 24

12:32– 12:36: Carr sees the same man he previously saw in the window, walk away from the TSBD and get into a Rambler Station Wagon 10

12:32– 12:33: Officer Baker sees man on 3rd or 4th floor, w/m, 30 yrs old, 5’9, 165 lb, dark hair, light brown jacket. Manager vouches for this man and Baker lets him go. (Baker 11/22/63 affidavit) 25

12:33– 12:34: Officer Barnett moves from Back of TSBD to guard the Front entrance . 22

12:33 James Worrell see a man in a dark sportcoat and light colored pants dash out of the back of the TSBD about 3 minutes after shots fired at motorcade. Man was late 20’s /early 30’s, 5’8″, dark brown hair. Ran South on Houston. 26

12:33– 12:34: Dougherty takes West Elevator down to 1st floor. (?) Talks to Givens. 27

12:33– 12:34: Baker and Truly on 4th or 5th floor, spot East Elevator, but West elevator is missing 28 They take the East Elevator to the seventh floor and find nothing, return to fourth floor where Baker reports to Inspector Sawyer, the senior Dallas Police Department officer in the building.

12:33– 12:36: Officers Mooney, Vickery and Webster arrive at 1st floor rear elevator. Vickery and Webster take stairs up. Mooney takes elevator up to 2nd floor, where power goes off, he switches to the stairs and encounters ” some men he believes to be officers” in plain clothes coming down the stairs. He passes these men and continues up. 29

12:33– 12:36: In his report of 11/23/63, Det. Harry Weatherford claims that he, Mooney, Boone, Walters, and Webster all went into the rear of the TSBD together and ascend the stairs. Weatherford goes out the window to search the roof of the loading dock, then comes back in and searches the first floor [sic] with an “unknown DPD Detective” (?) Then he goes to the top floor and eventually joins Mooney and Co. on the 6th floor 30

12:34– 12:35:From across the street court clerk Lillian Mooneyham sees man standing by boxes on 6th floor of TSBD. 31

12:34– 12:36: Officer Mooney arrives for first quick survey (does not go to “sniper lair”) of 6th flloor, sees no one, then goes up to 7th floor. 29

12:34: Inspector Sawyer enters Front of TSBD, enters Passenger elevator; runs into “this Man”; goes up to 4th floor32

12:35: Baker and Truly are on roof of TSBD 33

12:36: Euins tells Officer Harkness shots came from 5th floor TSBD 34

12:36– 12:37: Harkness arrives at rear (North Loading dock) door of TSBD. Sees “some Secret Service Agents”.35

12:37: Sawyer retrurns to 1st floor, goes out in front to set up Command Post. 32

12:40 – 12:45: Dep. Craig hears whistle. Sees light green Nash Rambler Station Wagon stop; sees w/m, 140-150, brown hair, in his 20’s, white T shirt, runs down slope and gets inside. The Driver of the vehicle was husky latin, dark wavy hair, tan windbreaker jacket. Craig runs over to report this to the Command Post in front of the TSBD entrance and encounters a SS Agent (“40 years old, sandy-haired with a distinct cleft in his chin. He was well-dressed in a gray business suit”) 24

12:45: Description of suspect broadcast by DPD: w/m, 30, 5’10, 165, 30-30 (Winchester Rifle on Channel 2) 36

12:50 – 12:55: SSA Forest Sorrels returns from Parkland Hospital to the rear entrance of the TSBD and enters the building with no one checking his ID, the first genuine SS Agent to arrive on the scene. 37

12:58: Captain Fritz arrives at front entrance of TSBD 38

12:58: Mooney Leans out window and Signals Fritz, who is standing in front of TSBD (After leaving the 7thfloor,Mooney, Vickery, and Webster went down to 6th floor, where Mooney discovered SE corner window “sniper lair”, empty shells, chicken remnants and soda.. 39

1:22: Boone and Weitzman discover Rifle they idenitfy as a 7.65 Mauser, concealed between boxes on the 6th floor40

1:22 Truly tells DPD Capt. Lumpkin that one of his men – Oswald is missing. Lumplin confers privately with two or three other senior DPD officers and then escorts Truly up to the Sixth Floor where they interupt Capt. Fritz examining the rifle and Lumpkin tells Fritz that Truly has something important to tell Fritz, and Truly tells Frtiz about the missing employee – Oswald, and give Fritz Oswald’s address at Mrs. Paine’s home in Irving. Fritz then walks across the street to Sheriff Decker’s office where they confer privately before Fritz returns to his DPD office, where Oswald, under arrest, is waiting for him, having been arrested in the Tippit shooting.

[bK Notes, my additions to this chronology are not footnoted as to their source.]


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The vengeance of God

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Romans 12:19 NASB — Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord.


God’s vengeance will not be thwarted. We all deserve His wrath. Not all of us will experience it, though, because,of His gracious gift of His own Son, Jesus the Messiah.

In any case, people are evil, and commit evil acts against each other and against God’s creation. All evil is an affront to God, and He is executing a plan to completely eliminate evil. Seek salvation through Jesus to avoid God’s righteous wrath.

If you are a Christian, then be aware that the world hates you, but it will be punished for doing so. Don’t try to take vengeance yourself. God’s vengeance will be complete, and timely. If you are falsely accused, or persecuted in other ways, then God Himself will justify you, because you called on the name,of Jesus the Messiah. His vengeance may not happen until we are standing before His throne, but, well, that will be the time when it will be most meaningful. EVERYONE will see and acknowledge your vindication.

The wrong battlefield

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The past couple of years have been fascinating, politically speaking. I did not vote for President Trump in the 2016 election, for a variety of reasons. I am a proponent of Free Trade, and Trump’s protectionist stances were off-putting. I viewed Trump as a “Trojan Horse” candidate; a New York City liberal who was lying in order to get Hillary elected. I actually believed that he did not want to win the election. I wasn’t quite as bothered as other people pretend to be about his flawed marriage life, and multiple commissions of adultery, because, well, I didn’t vote for him, but they were counts against his character, so throw it on the pile of reasons to not vote for him.

Still, President Trump has shown himself to be a much better President than I anticipated. He got a really good tax cut plan implemented, he has massively cut regulations (disassembling the administrative state), which is helpful to the economy, and he got two good judges (well, better than H. Clinton judges, anyway) onto the Supreme Court, and is reshaping the Federal judiciary at the lower court level. A successful Presidency, taken as a whole. I will wait for further evidence to see if his peace deal with North Korea will hold up, but I expect it will, for a while.

The 2018 Midterm Elections didn’t go nearly as well as I was hoping (wishing, really). Democrats are managing to turn Republican Party election night wins into Democrat wins, through extremely obvious voter fraud.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned, and the President appointed the AG Chief of Staff Matt Whitaker to be acting Attorney General, and there is a lot of hope expressed in conservative circles that Whitaker will bring to fruition the promises of “draining the Swamp”. However, there are groups of “conservatives” who oppose Whitaker, and who are arguing that his appointment is unConstitutional. So this tiny, possible win may likely be turned into a loss for the President, as well.

There are more examples of how the United States is in flux right now, and not just politically. Educational institutions and entertainment media also push certain ideas onto the populace. I mention them because there is an idea that conservatives will be able to push them back and “save America” or “Make America Great Again.”

Well, any success will be temporary, unfortunately, because “America” doesn’t actually belong to the people who inhabit its borders. Matthew Chapter Four gives the narrative of Jesus’s temptation in the wilderness, by the Devil. The Devil (“Satan”, Jesus calls him) makes a rather remarkable claim: that all the kingdoms of the world belong to him. He offers them to Jesus, with the provision that Jesus worship Satan. Jesus rebukes him, using Scripture (the only way to fight Satan is with God’s Word), but does not refute Satan’s claim on “all the kingdoms of the world”. I infer that “all kingdoms” includes future kingdoms as well as the ones present at the time of this narrative.

That means that, to borrow a phrase from the late Chuck Missler, The United States of America, even at its best, belongs to Satan. We can fight the leftism and cultural rot and political evil in our country, but in the end, will “lose”, because the country is already in the hands of the Devil.

We have a mission, however, from our Lord Jesus: make disciples of all nations. He didn’t say, “make nations of disciples”. We who believe belong to God’s kingdom, and are on the earth as His ambassadors. We are also spiritual warriors. Ephesians 6:12 points out that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against” spiritual authorities. Fallen angels or demons or some other evil spiritual entities. It is not appropriate for us to become angry with humans who spout anti-Christ nonsense, because they are not our real enemies. The evil spirits that control them are.

We won’t permanently “save America”, because it is a kingdom of this world. But we can join God in His work to save Americans. Pray, pray, pray. Jesus gave us a model that is quite useful for speaking with God.

“Our Father, which art in heaven” — an acknowledgement that God is real, that He is our loving protector and provider. He is outside our realm, and so can see everything that is going on.

“Hallowed be Thy name” — Praise for God is essential. It puts us in the proper mind frame for our petitions that follow.

“Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven” — this is a prayer for the promised “Millenium Kingdom” that is spoken of in the Book of Revelation. As Chuck Missler notes, Gabriel promised Mary that her Son would sit on the Throne of David. Jesus will be the King of Israel as well as King of the world. God did not abrogate His promises to Israel, or transfer them to the Church. The promises to Israel revolve around their land. The promises to us who are Christ’s Church revolve around being with Christ.

“Give us this day our daily bread” — God is our provider, whether we are on the verge of destitution, or are the multi-millionaire CEO of a thriving corporation. There is a movie with Jimmy Stewart (I think it’s “Shenandoah”) where Stewart’s character very cheekily prays something along the lines of, “We did all the work, but I guess we’ll thank you for our food, anyway.” That kind of attitude is dangerous and nonsensical.

“And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors” — God is a God of Forgiveness. It isn’t that He overlooks our sins–He couldn’t be a Holy God if he did so–but He provided a substitution for us, which allows Him to forgive. We should likewise forgive others when they wrong us. Since Jesus put this in His “model prayer”, then we should also tell God when we’ve forgiven someone else.

“And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil” — A prayer for protection, but not just physical protection. Our minds and hearts are bombarded with all sorts of evil ideas, with temptations to evil attitudes.

“For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever” — a statement of fact concerning God’s position. Also, finishing up the prayer with more praise to God. Practice praise daily; you are developing a skill that will serve you well in Heaven.

“Amen” — “So let it be.”


Our battlefield is not the United States, and our goal is not national salvation. Salvation is an individual concern. Start with your own household. Believe in Jesus; walk by His Spirit; love with God’s power. Share the Gospel that Jesus died for our sins–that He took our punishment in our behalf. Maybe God will intervene, and allow us a few more years of plenty and peace, but remember that Satan is jealous of his kingdoms, and works relentlessly to claim back any ground he lost to the Gospel of Christ, which is why we see the anti-Christian community seem to gain ground. Politics won’t defeat Satan; they are all in his purview. His flesh-and-blood agents are working to overturn election results, and to infiltrate all civic institutions. Reclaiming the culture won’t work; as Satan is in control of all distribution networks, you won’t be able to get that awesome, conservative-Christian book published or movie released.

Prayer works, though; living the Gospel works. Just remember, we are praying for God’s kingdom to come, not for our kingdom (which is really Satan’s kingdom) to remain. He told us to abide until He returns, so pray that God gives you grace to be a good citizen in whatever nation you live. Pray that He will allow you to live peaceably with your neighbors. Pray for provision, so that you can share with others. Pray for unity in the Church of Jesus the Messiah; we may be bitterly opposed, politically, and you may think I have it completely backwards, and that the political right, with its bigotry and racism and sexism, is what is detroying America, that Trump is a horrible and horrifying President. However, if you are a Christian, then you are my brother or sister, and I pray that we are united in Christ’s love.


Party at my place, the third night of Heaven.


Believe the Bible, or don’t

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Believe that the Bible is God’s truth-message to us, or cast it aside as worthless. Don’t try to reconcile the truth of Scripture with the pitiful philosophical flatulence of atheists.

For those who desperately need to believe that Darwinism is true; who desperately want to call God a deceiver, remember that God holds humans responsible for death in the universe, an unjust stance if millions of years of death preceded man’s arrival on the scene, but perfectly just if the narrative in Genesis chapters one through three are solid history and not allegory.

I can only imagine the awkwardness for those who spent their lives basically calling God a liar suddenly finding themselves standing in front of His throne.