Hoppe on Immigration and Trade

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I’m just going to put this here to read later.

Work as if you’re working for Jesus

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In church today, I was fretting about having to go back to work after a week (and a day!) of vacation. I will be behind on a lot of things, and look forward to long days trying to get caught up. I was reminded, however, of Paul’s admonition to work as if working for Christ. Hopefully, I can maintain that attitude for awhile.

Another Hot Sauce Recipe

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This is also from a Reason.com Hit & Run commenter, a fellow who uses the handle “sarcasmic”.

Apparently, one takes a mess of dried Thai chili peppers and grinds them, seeds and all, with a mortar and pestle. Add salt, garlic, honey, and a splash of vinegar, to taste.

It reportedly is good on fish.

Darwinoid Forum Debate Tactics

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The article is here on creationwiki.

In the Memphis Area and needing a real estate agent?

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Our agent’s name is Maggie Armstrong. She actually is our rent manager for a property we own, and she has done excellently in that job. We haven’t had a bad renter yet.

She can be reached at maggie@yourmemphisarearealtor.com


If you live in the Cedar Rapids area and are looking for a church

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I highly recommend Blair Ridge Baptist Church. The pastor’s teaching is sound and the congregation is loving, gracious, and hospitable. Blair Ridge is definitely what we will miss most about Cedar Rapids.

Another JFK Video

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This was done by the History Channel (it’s part one of a two-part documentary). There’s no editorial commentary; it’s almost straight news footage from the day of the assassination and the two or three days afterward. Part two deals with the Warren Commission and the various conspiracy theories.


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