The Most Oft-repeated Statement in Hell

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The most oft-repeated statement in Hell is, I suspect: “How could I have been so stupid?”

Today the Darwinoids celebrate the birth of the silly man who adopted silly ideas and put them out as “science”.


More on Guns

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I heard snippets of some speech that Pres. Obama was giving, in which he stated something to the effect of: “There are many responsible gun owners who like to go hunting and go to the shooting range, but inner city folk have an entirely different experience when it comes to guns.”

Well, the 2nd Amendment wasn’t put in there for hunters, Mr. President. It was understood that personal possession of firearms was an element of national defense, hence the reference to militias. According to Federal policy, the national militia consists of every able-bodied man between certain ages (I think 18 and 45). Therefore, it is imperative that each able-bodied man possess a firearm.

The best national defense is an armed populace.

Furthermore, it is “the right of the people” to keep and bear arms. This is an inherent right; it is not granted by the Constitution. The Constitution prohibits the Federal Government from infringing on a right that the people already have.

On Gun Safety, Gun Laws

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An article at

Ted Cruz in the Senate

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This is from this past September. He is talking about the GOP Leadership betraying its constituents.




On Denying Reality

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William Briggs discusses the problem here.

My Christmas Music Playlist

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Click here. Hit the “Shuffle” button and “Repeat Playlist” button.

Lew and Tom on the 5th GOP Debate

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It’s important to remember that war, even if it is necessary, is the most anti-free market activity in which a nation can engage.


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