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The practical results of Marriage redefinition

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So many here in the United States enthusiastically supported the Supreme Court’s decision to “legalize” so-called “marriage equality”. They either did not expect or did not care that legally changing the definition of marriage would result in social upheaval. Here is what is going on in Great Britain following their own rejection of definitional marriage.

I imagine that persecuting faithful Christians, Jews, and Muslims is a feature, not a bug, to those who want to impose their version of Newspeak with regard to marriage and sexuality. I even expect, eventually, that laws will be passed to seize the children of religious people, to “protect” the children from their parent’s “bigotry”.

My message to those proponents of marriage redefinition (and gender redefinition, etc.): you will win on this issue, in the short term. Longer term, though, will see your devilry utterly crushed. Not a threat, not a promise, just an observation. Your only hope is to repent of your unbelief, and call on the name of Jesus Christ. His sacrificial death on the cross paid for your sin–and sins–and you do not have to experience God’s holy wrath. I don’t think you have much time, either. Soon, the Church will be gone, and your slim hope for salvation will most likely be through martyrdom.

I’ve been listening to Chuck Missler’s series on the Book of Revelation, and it’s been quite encouraging. I’m not sure I agree with everything he says, but his lectures line up with my own understanding of Scripture, and so I am enjoying them.


50 Reasons for a Pre-Tribulational Rapture

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Listed here.

#17 is the one that I find the most persuasive: “It is characteristic of divine dealing to deliver believers before a divine judgment is inflicted on the world as illustrated in the deliverance of Noah, Lot, Rahab, etc. (2 Peter 2:5-9).”

The angels had to physically drag Lot from Sodom before God’s judgement on the city could commence.  God shut the door to the ark before the first drop of rain fell.  The Tribulation is a period of God’s judgement on the World.  As Christians, our judgement has already been dealt with, in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.  There is no need for us to endure God’s judgement; there is no need for the Church to be “purified”.  Our purification has already been accomplished at Calvary.  I believe that God will remove the Church from the World before the Tribulation begins.

I would like to add that, if we believe that God broke His promises to Israel, then there’s really no reason to think He wouldn’t break His promises to us.

John MacArthur on the Rapture of the Church

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The Kingdomof God

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Another post on Preterism

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Someone commented recently that the “rapture/escape teaching does more to dishearten believers than any ploy the world the flesh or the devil might devise.”  Yeah!!! wait…what?  “The world, the flesh, and the devil” aren’t as effective as Scriptural teaching in disheartening believers?  Because the “rapture/escape teaching” is derived from Scripture, not from philosophy or theology.  Oh, that’s right, I forgot; all the promises relating to Christ’s second coming have already been fulfilled by the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, which is why we’ve not had wars since then, and the Church has been triumphant from that day to this, and everyone in the world  is a follower of The Way.  Oh, that hasn’t happened, either, has it?  In fact, things seem to be getting very much worse.  So…either the Preterist Jesus is a liar, or he’s too weak to fulfill the promises he made, or he’s not even real.  Here’s the hope the Preterist Jesus offers:  “Find a happy place in your head, and go there.  Because I’m not coming back.  Don’t look for me; look to yourselves, and enjoy the kingdom of God that I promised to build after my return to earth.  Because, you know, I already came back in A.D. 70 with the Romans when they destroyed Jerusalem.  All that nonsense in John’s book of Revelation about half the world’s population dying from war, famine, and disease were fulfilled by the destruction of a single city.  The Millenium is now.”

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Quite frankly, any doctrinal scheme or theory which depends for its very life on assigning a particular date (or date range) to the composition of a NT book should be dismissed out of hand on that basis alone. [Note: dating related to establishing first century human authorship is quite a different (legitimate) matter than that of dating related to establishing some doctrinal scheme or theory.] In total contrast, recognizing, heeding, taking to heart the Futurism of the book of Revelation, does not depend at all on whether it was composed at some particular pre or post-70AD date; rather, Futurism is based on a genuinely plain, normal, literal interpretation of “the words of the prophecy of this book” (with all due allowance for genuine figures of speech and symbols)—in accord with the vast connected whole of God’s prophetic truth (2 Pet. 1:20). Preterism, however, depends for its very life, not only on the particular date (pre-70AD) which it conveniently, arbitrarily, and groundlessly assigns to the book of Revelation, but also on its departure from a genuinely plain, normal, literal interpretation of “the words of the prophecy of this book,” a scheme which is inherently forced to mysticalize/alchemize the God-breathed book itself—in isolation from the vast connected whole of God’s prophetic truth.

I prefer to keep my eyes on Christ, and on His return, which is what Scriptures say we should do.

More Articles on Preterism

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Dating Revelation

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An article defending the later date.


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