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Stuff Going On — 05/30/2017

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♠ According to the Fourth Circuit Court, if your intentions are bad, it’s illegal , even if it would otherwise be legal. From what I can see, there are many, many people on the American left who imagine themselves as Schindler; as the guy who stood up to the Nazis, and who further imagine that history books will detail their heroic struggles against the oppressive regime that is Trump.

In the meantime, they seek to oppress people who believe in God, Family, and the Free Market–to the point of destroying their livelihoods, even.

♣ The anonymous sources of the New York Times and the Washington Post must surely hate those publications. As it turns out, the story that Kushner requested a backdoor channel with the Russians was reported almost exactly backwards. The Russians asked Kushner about establishing a back-door channel, on the narrow issue of What to Do About Syria. So, why did the NYT and the WaPo report it the way they did? It has been reported breathlessly that the U.S. Intelligence Community were monitoring the Russian Ambassador’s communications with Moscow, and that they heard the RussAmb tell his bosses that Kushner asked for a back door channel using the Russian Embassy’s secure communications equipment.

Well, if the USIC could monitor it, then the Russian Embassy’s communications weren’t that secure, were they?

Anyway, why would this detail (about a reported conversation between the RussAmb and Moscow) be considered so credible that people would push for Kusnher’s push (out of the White House)? Couldn’t the RussAmb have been lying?

The way I imagine it:

Russian Ambassador Sergey: “I’m not sure that our communications here at the Russian Embassy are secure, Comrade. The American Intelligence Community, or the AMI, as I prefer to call it, may be listening in on my phone calls back to Moscow.”

Gorbachev: “That would be a serious problem, Russian Ambassador Sergei–”

Russian Ambassador Sergey: “It’s Sergey”

Gorbachev: “Oh! So it is! My mistake, Comrade!” *They both laugh uproariously* “Anyway, it would be a serious problem, but how could we tell? Wait! I have an idea: Call Mother Russia, and say something outlandish and untrue, and then, if it is reported in the Capitalist American Press, we will know if the Embassy’s communications equipment is truly secure, or not.”

Russian Ambassador Sergey: “A brilliant idea, Comrade! But, what do I say?”

Gorbachev: “I suggest you say something like: ‘I’m wearing ladies underwear’.”

Russian Ambassador Sergey: “While that would, indeed, be outlandish, Comrade, it would not be untrue!” *Pause for a beat* *Both laugh uproariously* “I know what I’ll say; when I was in discussion with the Capitalist Pig-Dog Jared Kushner, I asked him if he would like to establish a back-door channel with Mother Russia, to discuss things. I will just call God-Emperor Putin, and tell him that KUSHNER asked ME about such an arrangement.”

Gorbachev: “I like it, Comrade! It has the advantage of feeding into the Capitalist American Media’s false narrative that the Trump Administration had unbreakable ties with Father Russia!”

Russian Ambassador Sergey: “I thought it was ‘Mother Russia’?”

Gorbachev: “Russia has decided it is ‘Transgender’.” *Pause* *Both laugh uproariously*.

The above is as realistic as this:

Jared Kushner: “Russian Ambassador Sergey: I propose that we establish a secret communications link using your super, secret, secure Russian Embassy communications equipment, so that I CAN BETRAY AMERICA!!!! HA!HA!HA!HA!” *wrings hands and slurps up a string of saliva*

Russian Ambassador Sergey: “Um. No.”

♥ Ann Coulter can rest easy; that wall is being built. Trump is playing 3d Monopoly, where everyone is focused on whether he’s going to land on the Hotel’d Boardwalk and Park Place, while he’s steadily acquiring all the railroads, the utilities, and building houses on the Orange Properties.

Women are leaving the workforce. I blame the government, naturally. I think, also, that women are realizing that being a man means you’re not being a woman, although, with the whole “transgender issue”, I could be wrong.


Stuff Going On — 05/27/2017

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Egyptian warplanes bomb terrorists sites in Libya in response to the terrorist attack on Egyptian Coptic Christians.

♣ The latest “Get Trump” story (and that’s turning out to be what they all are) is that Jared Kushner sought to establish a back-door channel between the Trump transition team and the Russians, using communication equipment in the Russian embassy.


So, this is a very, very serious story. Everyone agrees. I agree: it’s a serious story and is a serious problem for the Trump administration–if it is true. And that’s the problem I have with all the stories that have been reported over the past few weeks. As in nearly all other cases, this “Kushner-Russia story” relies on unnamed sources. Officials. Persons “in the know”. The Washington Post publishes this stuff, and people go ape-crazy for a while, then the story sort of goes away, because either 1. The WaPo’s sources are lying to them or 2. The WaPo is lying about having actual sources.

A good question about this story is: “If Jared Kushner really did this, why is he not in jail right now?” The answer: He didn’t really “do this”. That is, he never actually opened a secret, back-door communication link with the Russians through the Russian embassy. He may have posited the idea, but I’m not sure that suggesting a course of action that may be illegal is something that can get you arrested.

Besides all that, we only know this because of–again, unnamed–sources who claim that they listened to the tapes of the Russian ambassador as he conversed with his boss in Moscow. The Russian ambassador told his boss that Jared proposed a back-door channel. At this point, I want to throw my hands in the air. I think I will…

That feels a mite better. So, we are supposed to believe unnamed sources who claim that Jared Kushner did this horrible thing based on a conversation that the Russian ambassador had with his boss in Moscow? I guess there is no way that the ambassador was lying to his boss, or feeding false information because he knew that U.S. Intelligence agents were listening.

In addition to all that, I should point out (and John Podhoretz said something similar in a tweet storm) that the Intelligence Community (the “IC”, as they say) has proven itself unreliable as a keeper of secrets. Trump knew, or at least suspected, that holdovers from the Obama administration were monitoring his communications. He wanted to communicate with the Russians without having his conversation recorded and published to the WaPo. So, there was a meeting, where options were discussed. The Russian ambassador–reportedly; again, this is all hearsay until we have some actual names–declined Jared’s offer to establish a “back door” communications channel.

Here is an excellent article by Robert Wenzel about this story.

The WaPo and its groupies need to get a grip; they are slowly shedding any tiny bit of credibility they have due to this constant barrage of Trump-bashing that turns out to be nothing at all.

It’s like hunting for whale fossils and finding a lion fossil.

♦ If you want to argue against Trump, here is a more effective, and honest, method: the Trump “budget cuts” are not, actually cuts.

Stuff Going On — 05/17/2017

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Important, if true. Putting an intelligent partner’s spy (in this case, Israel’s) into danger doesn’t just hurt Israel, it hurts the U.S., because we rely on Israeli intelligence.

♣ “Important, if True” is a phrase that will probably be reduced to an acronym (IiT), because a lot of the stories coming out these days are sourced to unnamed “officials”, and these officials can’t always be trusted to report the facts.

Working woman decides to keep her daddy’s surname when she gets married, because it’s more important for her to identify with her daddy than with her husband, and besides, she gets to be seen as “her own person”, and it makes her feel powerful. Then it makes her feel isolated and hateful, but she still wants to be seen as independent and powerful, so she decides to not honor her husband by taking his name.

♦ People in the Stock Market are taking some money off the table. People outside the Stock Market blame Trump. I can see that, but there are alternative explanations that might be considered.

Stuff Going On — 05/16/2017

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I wrote about this last night: there is a major story concerning Trump’s revealing of highly classified intelligence concerning ISIS with the Russian Foreign Minister and Russian Ambassador. If the story is true, it is a serious failure of the President to protect the nation’s intelligence operations.

The National Security Advisor, McMaster, gave a short statement to the press, denying the story. The Beltwaytarians and News Junkies immediately began parsing the statement, and came to the conclusion that McMaster didn’t actually refute the Washington Post story.

This morning, President Trump himself seemed to indicate that the WaPo story is true.

Despite the fact that the President has the authority to declassify intelligence, it is a serious problem if he is revealing information that is better kept secret. The intelligence in question was not gathered by U.S. agents; that means that Trump gave away someone else’s intelligence (I have heard it hinted that it was nation of Jordan).

Erick Erickson claims to know one of the WaPo sources, and he says that the source is pro-Trump.

This is the story that Trump supporters are trying to use to push the WaPo story out of the spotlight. Some DNC staffer may have been the source of some of the WikiLeaks revelations. He was murdered almost a year ago, and, it is reported, the police were ordered to “stand down“.

The amazing nodosaur. The fossil is so well-preserved that it has been described as a “statue”.

♦ Twenty years ago, while I was in college, I was taught in economics class that two sectors drive the economy: Homebuilding and the auto industry. It looks like the home sector is holding firm, at least today.

This is big

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The Washington Post is reporting that President Trump revealed highly classified intelligence to the foreign minister of Russia last week during a meeting. The story details that intelligence that had been gathered by a U.S. “partner” concerning terrorist activity by ISIS was revealed by Trump. A very concerning story; the U.S. and Russia agree that ISIS needs to be defeated, but they differ with regard to President Assad of Syria. Russia likes him, the U.S. doesn’t. If the intelligence results in Russian spies setting up U.S. spies to be killed (or if they kill the Americans directly), then Benghazi can no longer be a talking point for Trump supporters, at the very least.

It is entirely believable (to me, at least) that, in order to impress someone, President Trump shows off his knowledge. The question I have is, “Did he really do that?”

The WaPo story relies exclusively on unnamed sources. Officials. Senior Officials. Former Officials. They all knew what went on during that meeting. They are all horrified and concerned.

What I’d like to know is: who are these officials?

There is one official named in the story: H.R. McMaster, the national security advisor. He said: “The president and the foreign minister reviewed common threats from terrorist organizations to include threats to aviation.” And, “At no time were any intelligence sources or methods discussed, and no military operations were disclosed that were not already known publicly.”

So, the only person that we can track down to verify his testimony said that there was no problem. Maybe he’s just a lying liar. Maybe all of them are lying liars.

This is interesting: “A Russian photographer took photos of part of the session that were released by the Russian state-owned Tass news agency. No U.S. news organization was allowed to attend any part of the meeting.” That’s a curious decision for President Trump to make: let the Russian media in, but not the American media.

This sounds like a Dilbert Cartoon: “U.S. officials said that the National Security Council continues to prepare multi-page briefings for Trump to guide him through conversations with foreign leaders, but that he has insisted that the guidance be distilled to a single page of bullet points — and often ignores those.”

Another thought: if this story is true, it doesn’t mean that President Trump did anything illegal. As President, he can declassify intelligence at his discretion. From the article: “For almost anyone in government, discussing such matters with an adversary would be illegal.” Well, we aren’t exactly in a war with Russia (either hot or cold). It doesn’t mean that what he did is a good idea. If it is discovered that he does have ties to Russia, then there is a case to be made that his actions border on Treason, even.

It will be interesting to see if this story sticks. If more members of the press jump in, with some actual named sources, then President Trump is in serious trouble.