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Stuff Going On — 05/12/2017

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The media are quite giddy over the story of Trump’s firing of FBI Director Comey. They think they smell blood in the water. They breathlessly report about “he said, he said” situations based on information provided by “sources”. Some Democrats are hinting around about the “I” word*.

I have no dog in this fight. I wanted Ted Cruz to be President, until he endorsed Trump, at which point I decided to vote for the Constitution Party candidate, Darrell Castle. If President Trump is *impeached, and removed from office, I would feel validation, not anger, over the situation. But, it seems to me, the leftist-progressives in this country are completely misreading what is going on, and they have a surprising inability to grasp nuance in any story, anymore.

Also, when their “sources” tell them things that turn out not to be true, it just adds to the narrative that the media is just making things up, out of partisan spite. It’s getting to where even I am automatically regarding any Trump hit piece with skepticism, if it relies on unnamed sources.

Trumps supporters among the populace aren’t even listening to the media, and his erstwhile detractors in the center-right are slowly coming around to seeing he’s not such a bad guy, in part because of the apocalyptic-style reporting that fails to comport with reality.

One other thing: it’s pointless to speak of Trump’s instincts being wrong, or his decisions “looking” like those of an incompetent man. He’s just doing things differently than expected, in a world where the rules of engagement are definitely skewed in the favor of those already in power, or that are entrenched in the bureaucracy. I thought he wasn’t going to win the election, but he did. In my totally non-professional opinion, President Trump needs to go back to what made him successful: Double Down. He should fire someone else in the next couple of days, just on principle. His political opponents will be thrown in to disarray, and waste lots of time discussing what it all means, and trying to figure out a way to turn it to their advantage. In the meantime, Trump moves on to the next issue, and everyone forgets what they were talking about last week.

The Affordable Care Act is still failing. I saw the link to this commentary on instapundit ( The name of the author of the commentary isn’t given. The article is right that “Obamacare” is failing, but the author then throws out some suggestions which, if implemented, will not really solve the problem. First, a quibble: the author says we can’t solve the problem by “blind faith in private markets”. The heck we can’t.

Anyway, one of the other proposals is to allow more “doctor immigrants” into the country to “lower the price of health care”. Why not just release the stranglehold that the AMA somehow has on how many Americans can become doctors each year? Why not eschew licensing as a requirement for being a doctor? Allow people to put their trust in someone who has been to medical school, even if he hasn’t gotten his fee-purchased government stamp of approval?

Also, state governments could eliminate the silly “Certificate of Need” laws that prevent the building or expansion of medical facilities. This is a crony-capitalist measure, if there ever was one.

Finally, the government could rein in the FDA, and its approval process for developing drugs. Yes, drug companies can and do make dangerous cost-cutting measures when developing drugs–the company officials are still humans responding to incentives, after all–but I imagine that some of that is due to the ridiculously expensive process of getting FDA approval. Also, the rules for patents, trademarks, and copyrights needs to be reviewed. It all comes down to government interference in the marketplace.

Prince Harry is going to be the very model of a modern major general.

President Trump’s son-in-law saves NAFTA from demise. For now, anyway. Whatever. NAFTA is government-managed trade, not free trade, despite the name. All government “free trade” agreements ought to be scrapped, and the government limited from interfering with the trade decisions of individuals and firms. Nations do not trade; people trade.



The Lion and the Loony

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If you didn’t hear, Senator Ted Cruz gave a speech this past Wednesday, in which he asserted that the policies of Hillary and Obama were objectionable, and that the principles by which the Republican Party ostensibly stand–Americans’ freedom and support for the Constitution–needed to be defended. Great speech.

Oh, he also said that voters should “vote their conscience”, up and down the ticket. This was greeted with outrage by the Trumpspawn, because it was a signal that Sen. Cruz wasn’t going to bend down and lick Donald Trump’s tiny orange toes, as had nearly every other major GOP political leader. Excellent work, Senator. Instead of “Lyin’ Ted” it is “Lion Ted” (as in, you know, being brave as a lion. Lions as they are known in popular culture, anyway, because I’ve read that actual lions–but I digress).

With Trump, it is important that he always be seen as the Top Man, and Sen. Cruz’ refusal to bow and scrape thwarts that image. If it becomes widely known that someone is willing to call Trump out for a phony, and not take his bullying like a cringing crony, then Trump loses that image of “tough guy that can get things done.”

All Cruz said on Wednesday night was that people needed to vote for the Emperor who was actually wearing clothes. It’s not his fault that Trump parades about bereft of any conservative principles with which to clothe himself.

The following day, Sen. Cruz explained why he did not speak the words “I endorse Donald Trump”: it was because he took his vow to love and honor his wife, and his duty to honor his father, more seriously than his pledge to endorse Trump. I think, also, the good Senator was reluctant to endorse someone whose proposed agenda had very little in common with the actual Republican Party platform–which is supposed to be about limited, Constitutional government. Incidentally, Trump himself had already broken the same pledge some weeks prior, and stated at that time that he neither needed nor wanted Senator Cruz’s endorsement.

So, why did Sen. Cruz agree to give a speech at the GOP convention if he wasn’t going to endorse Trump? Because it was the GOP convention, not the Trump convention. I suspect that Sen. Cruz saw that no one was going to talk about freedom and the Constitution if he didn’t do it. Trump certain wasn’t going to talk about such mundane things when he could talk about himself, and about how he is able to save us all from all bad things because he’s Trump.

The day after the GOP convention ended, Trump was in a press conference, and started again to complain about the one guy with the courage to remain standing in his presence. He repeated the tabloid-sourced story that Mr. Cruz was associated with Lee Harvey Oswald, implying that the senior Mr. Cruz was somehow a part of the JFK Assassination. “It’s terrible; it’s just terrible” (or words to that effect).

In other words, Trump just broadcast to the world that he is a loony. Rather than responding to Sen. Cruz’s “snub” like a normal human being, and ignoring it, or even like a half-way competent politician, and using it to his advantage, and then turning his attention to his real opponent–Hillary Clinton–Trump feels compelled to deal with this slight against himself. He even openly mused about starting a Political Action Committee to fund someone to run against Sen. Cruz in the 2018 Texas Senate primary.

I wonder if Sen. Cruz knew that his “non-endorsement” was going to send Trump back to Loony-Town, and was trying to subtly show that the GOP had nominated someone who is not stable.

Trump is not conservative, either. He’s pro-abortion (practically speaking; he still lauds Planned Parenthood), anti-free market (he likes for the government to take people’s lands to give to businessmen and hates the idea of people making the best use of the product of their labor), and believes that if the government puts you on a secret “no-fly” list that your 2nd amendment rights can be abrogated.

What the GOP leaders who are now criticizing Sen. Cruz for his principled stand are really saying is: “Don’t worry about freedom or the Constitution. Join us in celebrating the bold decision to nominate a Democrat to be our standard bearer. Here, have some orange Flavor-Aid!”



There is a meme spouted by some of the Trumpspawn these days, that if one doesn’t vote for Trump then one is “voting for Hillary”. On the other hand, the Zergswarm that makes up the Democratic Party voter base are saying that a failure to vote for Hillary is a vote for Trump. Logically speaking, then, voting for neither of them is the same as voting for both of them! Win, and win!

I’m thinking that Trump will win this election. As of July 24, the Democrat (“Democratic”) Party is splintering, hard, over the leadership’s scandalous treatment of socialist Bernie Sanders, which was revealed in a WikiLeaks email dump. Hillary is not well-liked, even by (especially by?) her supporters. She’s personally a jerk of Trumpian proportions (heh), and will do anything to make a buck and keep her corruption-infused hide out of prison.
It is known.
I wonder if she will even survive until election day; she seems to have some medical issues (That xenomorph is about ready to burst from her chest, and, um, what is going on here?). If she wins, and manages to eke out a first term, I doubt things will be as bad some fearful folk assert.

I am not going to write in Sen. Cruz’s name this November. He urged people not to do that. Besides, there are other options for anyone who still (as Sen. Cruz does) cares about American liberty and Constitutionally restrained government (this, naturally, excludes the Democratic Party). One option is the Libertarian Party, whose ticket is Gary Johnson and William Weld. I am uninterested in voting for this ticket, since the Libertarian Party has a platform that favors antepartum infanticide, but Johnson/Weld is gaining  in the polls, and it would be a good thing, I think, if a third party were able to break through the two-party barrier that has been imposed by the two major parties.

The other choice for liberty lovers is the Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley ticket of the Constitution Party. This is a much better team. I disagree vehemently with the Constitution Party’s stance on Free Trade (they assert, if I remember right, that free trade leads to socialism(!)), but since the GOP has nominated an anti-free trade, pro-abortion ticket this year, there is no reason for me to vote Republican.

Losing the world and saving my soul, and all that jazz.


Ted Cruz’s Supreme Court Appearances

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He won two cases, lost four of them, and sorta-kinda won three of them.

Cruz on FedGov Bureaucracy

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  • To shrink the size and power of the federal government, the CruzFive for Freedom plan eliminates the IRS, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  As President, Ted Cruz will appoint heads of each of those agencies whose sole charge will be to wind them down and determine whether any programs need to be preserved.



Ted Cruz’s proposed tax plan

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I briefly examined Donald Trump’s tax plan in an earlier post. Here is the link to Ted Cruz’s tax plan:

Cruz proposes a 10% flat tax, which retains the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit and the Home Mortgage interest deduction, while eliminating the Death Tax, the foreign profits tax, and the Alternative Minimum Tax.

The corporate tax rate is dropped to a flat 16%.

Ted Cruz in the Senate

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This is from this past September. He is talking about the GOP Leadership betraying its constituents.




Filibuster hits the 12 hour mark

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Just a couple of minutes ago.  See the filibuster here, and check out the filibuster clock, as well.  Sen. Paul just wants a simple answer: does Pres. Obama think he has the authority to kill American citizens on American soil without any sort of trial?