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Stuff Going On — 05/17/2017

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Important, if true. Putting an intelligent partner’s spy (in this case, Israel’s) into danger doesn’t just hurt Israel, it hurts the U.S., because we rely on Israeli intelligence.

♣ “Important, if True” is a phrase that will probably be reduced to an acronym (IiT), because a lot of the stories coming out these days are sourced to unnamed “officials”, and these officials can’t always be trusted to report the facts.

Working woman decides to keep her daddy’s surname when she gets married, because it’s more important for her to identify with her daddy than with her husband, and besides, she gets to be seen as “her own person”, and it makes her feel powerful. Then it makes her feel isolated and hateful, but she still wants to be seen as independent and powerful, so she decides to not honor her husband by taking his name.

♦ People in the Stock Market are taking some money off the table. People outside the Stock Market blame Trump. I can see that, but there are alternative explanations that might be considered.


Stuff Going On — 05/16/2017

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I wrote about this last night: there is a major story concerning Trump’s revealing of highly classified intelligence concerning ISIS with the Russian Foreign Minister and Russian Ambassador. If the story is true, it is a serious failure of the President to protect the nation’s intelligence operations.

The National Security Advisor, McMaster, gave a short statement to the press, denying the story. The Beltwaytarians and News Junkies immediately began parsing the statement, and came to the conclusion that McMaster didn’t actually refute the Washington Post story.

This morning, President Trump himself seemed to indicate that the WaPo story is true.

Despite the fact that the President has the authority to declassify intelligence, it is a serious problem if he is revealing information that is better kept secret. The intelligence in question was not gathered by U.S. agents; that means that Trump gave away someone else’s intelligence (I have heard it hinted that it was nation of Jordan).

Erick Erickson claims to know one of the WaPo sources, and he says that the source is pro-Trump.

This is the story that Trump supporters are trying to use to push the WaPo story out of the spotlight. Some DNC staffer may have been the source of some of the WikiLeaks revelations. He was murdered almost a year ago, and, it is reported, the police were ordered to “stand down“.

The amazing nodosaur. The fossil is so well-preserved that it has been described as a “statue”.

♦ Twenty years ago, while I was in college, I was taught in economics class that two sectors drive the economy: Homebuilding and the auto industry. It looks like the home sector is holding firm, at least today.

Stuff Going on Today

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The Russians are flying their bombers around near Alaska, but not in U.S. airspace, so it’s fine. They are also buzzing the coastlines of U.S. allies, like Japan, but there’s totally nothing to worry about. A Russian spy ship has been noted lurking about the U.S. coastline, but it’s nothing, really.

Deadly protests in Venezuela.

Former President Bush is in the hospital for pneumonia, and gets a visit from former President Bush. Something interesting I remember hearing from radio host Michael Medved: Both Bush 41 and Bush 43 were the only presidents in recent years that did not have their wives sleep in separate bedrooms.

Boeing, Home Depot, and Microsoft are the stocks to watch (and perhaps buy) today. (Warning: autoplay video at the link)

First Union Bank

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After years of waiting, someone finally posted this epic commercial from the now-defunct First Union Bank.

Here’s the other one I liked.

They are Hollywood-style productions, and cost the bank a pretty penny, as I recall.  But they are awesome.  These two present the “Financial World” as a confusing place with a carnival-like atmosphere.

Trading Paper; Come join the fun!

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I’ve set up a new “virtual stock market” game on  Players begin with $10,000, and try to turn it into $1 million in a year’s time.  Players can buy on margin and sell short, but unfortunately there is no options trading available.

It’s open to the public, so anyone interested can join here.

I’ve started yet another blog

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This one is about stock investing.