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Stuff going on today

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♠ Democrats will thoroughly embarrass Trump by winning a special election in Georgia today. Ossoff, the Democrat candidate, will assuredly win, even though he will have one less vote than he might have, if, you know, he actually lived in the district he is campaigning to represent.

♣ The “Facebook Killer”, Steve Stephens, is a black male, 6 foot 1 inch tall, around 244 pounds; he was last seen driving a white Ford Fusion with temporary (I’m guessing paper) license plates. Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, and Michigan residents are warned to be alert. He is armed and dangerous. There is a $50,000 reward for info leading to his capture.

UPDATE: Stephens killed himself after being caught by the police.

♥ Who says President Obama is worthless? He was able to persuade Hillary Clinton to concede the election to Trump on Election Night. Nice work, Mr. President!

♦ It might be time to buy some Burger King Stock.


Some News Items

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♠ Vice-President Mike Pence declares that “all options are on the table” with regard to North Korea and its nukular fetish.

♣ Steve Stephens gets mad at his girlfriend, decides to kill innocent people.

♥ A judge stops a state government from performing same-sex marriages, and then joins a pro-“traditional marriage” rally. Well, not exactly.

Puerto Rico is struggling financially