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Trump’s Tax Reform

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Discussion by Robert Wenzel, here.

Stuff Going On — 04/22/2017

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♠ France is having elections tomorrow. The Female French Donald Trump seems to be doing well.

♣ The Drudge Report reports on power outages yesterday in San Francisco, New York, and at the Los Angeles International Airport. Drudge links to zerohedge, which does not in turn link to the original stories. I found the news reports Here, Here, and Here.

If you noticed I didn’t post a link for the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) power outage, it is because I could not find a news report about it. There was a power outage at LAX back in December, though.

According to the site, the LAX power outages were reported by people on Twitter.

Pre-Columbian American Chickens and Scientific Consensus.

An excerpt: “The funny thing is that chicken bones have been found in archaeological dig sites through out North America for decades and because of Scientific Consensus, these artifacts were invariably thrown away as site contamination.  The archaeologists who found them deeply resented doing so because it meant the rest of their finds would now be under a question mark.”

President Trump says he will reveal his Tax Cut Plan next week. I hope it is as good as the tax cut plan I reviewed back during the Presidential Campaign.

Stuff Going on Today

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♠ The Trump Armada heads to North Korea for realz this time.

The first female Muslim judge found dead on the banks of the Hudson River.

Woman regains custody of her homeschooled children, but is arrested afterwards for good measure.

♦ Harvard discovers that govt-mandated price floors create surpluses (a surplus of restaurant labor, in this case) Reminds me of a brilliant article that I wrote on this very blog.

Not much to say

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Not much going on.

Trump’s still the President. I must say, my expectations had been so low, that some of the stuff he’s done has been a pleasant surprise. He seems to have dealt a blow to the Affordable Care Act, which is good for Americans. If he would push for a truly free market in medical services, then it would be even better.

Health insurance is a horrible method for financing medical services, since neither the provider nor the direct consumer has incentive to keep costs low.

In addition, the government’s intervention into the medical services market only drives up prices and reduces quality. For instance, it is a government rule in some states that a new hospital cannot be built without providing a “certificate of need”, or some such nonsense. What it boils down to is that hospitals that are already present can veto a new facility’s construction. This limit on competition drives up prices and decreases the quality of the service.

President Trump talks about cutting regulation. I endorse that sentiment, but I’m afraid that what will happen is that somehow the regulatory burden will be increased.

President Trump is also still harping on making “good trade deals”. Well, the only thing he needs to do is to get out of Americans’ way, and let the private firms and individuals make whatever trade deals they deem necessary.