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Stuff Going On — 05/15/2017

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As it turns out, starving your citizens by diverting resources to ballistic missiles makes people sit up and take notice of you. As with all things concerning foreign policy, it is safe to assume everyone is lying. North Korea said the missile touched down about 60 miles off the Russian coast, Russia says, “Eh, it was more like 300 miles away from our coast”. Not that it seems to matter. The narrative–excuse me; the Narrative says that North Korea is dangerous because it is building these missiles that are 1. long range and 2. capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least, however, if it is learned that some other country is handing its outdated missiles to North Korea–after filing off the VIN numbers, of course.

The Great Powers of the world need the backwater North Koreas of the world to keep their own citizens in check. “This tiny country that can’t even feed its own people is threatening us all with Nukular Nyalashun! The only sensible thing for you to do is to give us copious amounts of power over your lives. Heck yeah, ‘Murica!”

Attorney General Jeff Session acknowledges (though he doesn’t know it) that the Drug War incentivizes violent crime. Quote: “Drug trafficking is an inherently dangerous and violent business. If you want to collect the drug debt, you can’t file a lawsuit in court. You collect it with a barrel of a gun.” His solution? Keep the status quo. It’s much better to keep and mourn over the violence than to allow a situation where drug lords are suing each other in actual courts of law. That would be nonsense. He goes on to talk about the number of Americans who die from drug overdose.

I would be interested to hear how many Americans died due to government overdose. It’s a serious and growing problem. People start out with just a small hit; maybe a law requiring the wearing of seat belts, and before you know it they’re demanding that government throw people in jail for “not believing in ‘climate change'”.

That nice Scottish girl, Kara McCullough, wins the Miss USA title, even though she thinks that “health care is a privilege”. Well, she’s only partially correct: I infer that she means health care should not be mandated to the point of throwing people in jail for not providing it to someone else.

But health care isn’t even a privilege. It is a responsibility. Each individual is responsible for his own state of health–within reason, of course. It’s possible that a person suffers from some disease because his mother or father was promiscuous, and so passed their various diseases to the child. Otherwise, each of us knows what we need to do, and it’s pretty basic: eat healthy, exercise, avoid unhealthy activities like smoking, drinking alcohol (to excess), and motorcycle jousting (to excess).

When someone declares “health care is a right”, then what he is saying is that an individual should be provided “health care” (actually, medical services), even if it entails expense on the part of another person. You have to pay for his health care; it’s a right! (smiley emoji goes here). It is a brutal philosophy, that violates God’s law to not steal.

That’s right; people who advocate for government-mandated universal “health care” (medical services) are probably going to Hell. One Corinthians 6:10.

The McDonald’s Corporation is spending a lot of its own actual money to help its franchisees fire people. I mean, er, to help its franchisees move into the 21 Century™. The money is to help install the ordering kiosks and such. It won’t be too long before the cooking is done by robots, too. We’ll all be out of a job , because robots will get all the jobs, and, and, MASSTERIA!!!!!

My Sunday School teacher talked about working at McDonald’s back in the 1970’s. He was an order taker. He didn’t stand behind a counter, punching buttons with pictures of burgers and fries on them. What he did was go outside, and ask people their orders, and he would have to remember what they would order–no notebook. Then he would go back and tell the cooks what was needed. I don’t remember everything he said, but it was interesting. There is a book, McDonald’s: Behind the Arches, that details the company’s founding. Great story. I first learned about it through one of Dr. Thomas Sowell’s books on economics (probably Applied Economics, the best-selling sequel to his hit, Basic Economics).

I like McDonald’s even if I am not always fond of its food. It’s not always cooked right, and I have to be in the mood for it. I remember when they had those heat lamps, and columns of burgers on the slide. That was the best. That was actual fast food. “I want two cheeseburgers and a large fry.” The clerk turns around, grabs the cheeseburgers off the bottom of the slide, grabs the fries, and you slap down your money and you’re gone. Ah, the good old days.


Stuff Going On — 05/03/2017

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♠ The Chinese embassy in North Korea tells its citizens to get out of the country. The previous sentence is rather vague, what? Chinese citizens currently staying in North Korea are urged by the Chinese embassy to leave North Korea and head home to China. Better?

♣ I had jury duty yesterday, and made it to Round II, but did not ultimately get selected. The case was The State of Texas versus Aaron Lucas. The jury selection process was interesting. I had been called to jury duty one other time, and didn’t make it to the second round, probably because the person being charged worked for UPS, and I worked for FedEx at the time. But I digress. In Round II, the prosecution conducted a presentation, then the defense did a presentation; both presentations involved question-and-answer sessions.

The prosecution just wanted to make sure that the prospective jurors were emotionally capable of sitting in on testimony and evidence that involved child molestation and kidnapping. The defense wanted to make certain that the prospective jurors understood that they were only deciding the facts of this particular case, and that they would be willing to find the defendant “Not Guilty” on the specific charges he was facing, even if it was discovered that he had committed other criminal acts. This confused people.

I sort of understood what the defense was trying to say: that the Law mandates the prosecution follow certain rules, and violation of those rules would mean the prosecution lost its case. So, for example, the defense attorney said that his client was charged with molesting a child in a particular way, and that if the prosecution had determined that the child was, indeed, molested, but not in the way that the prosecution charged, then the jury would need to find his client “Not Guilty”. Several people were unwilling to follow this line of reasoning. “If he molested a child, then he is guilty, regardless of how he did it.” Makes sense.

On the other hand, if he had molested the child in another way, then the prosecution should have charged him with that. What this says is that the state did not have enough evidence to prove that Mr. Lucas had molested a child in any way other than the method that they charge him with. Another thought I had was that, since Mr. Lucas (presumably) did not take a plea bargain, then he must be reasonably confident he can win this case.

On the other hand, he tried to blame his conviction in a Colorado case on his “evil twin brother”, so he may not be exactly right in the head.

Transcript of Rush Limbaugh speaking with Vice President Mike Pence.

The Trouble with Trump’s Tax Cut. Quote: “The White House trumpets its proposal to almost double the standard deduction, from a maximum of $12,600 to $24,000. This would benefit many middle-income taxpayers and simplify the code by encouraging more people not to take itemized deductions.

But some of these families actually would face higher taxes if, as with earlier Trump and Republican plans, it also eliminates the personal exemption, currently $4,050 per person. It’s difficult to be precise since the plan lacks specifics on tax brackets where various rates would kick in.

Think of a middle-class couple with three kids. With the personal exemption gone, they’d have to add $20,250 to their taxable income. That’s nearly double the new “benefit” they’d get from the increase in their standard deduction of $11,400.”

Stuff Going On — 4/29/2017

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♠ I’m not interested in what’s going on in North Korea–really, I’m not. But the plucky little murderous regime keeps doing interesting things, like overpromising and underdelivering on its missile capabilities.

There is a measles outbreak in Minnesota. The children of Somali immigrants hardest hit. According to the report, the Somalis stopped having their children get the MMR vaccine after an increase in the number of Somali children who were diagnosed with autism. Note that it is the non-vaccinated Somali children who are getting the measles.

♥ Speaking of the Measles Vaccine: it was introduced in 1963, the same year that President Kennedy was assassinated. Coincidence? WAKE UP SHEEPLE! The National Archives will soon release information proving that Lee Harvey Oswald infected the president with the measles before he could be vaccinated.

First quarter GDP wasn’t that great. Something to remember about GDP: government spending is included. That means, when the government spends $500 on a $20 hammer, the inflated cost is added to the GDP number, distorting it. $500 worth of hammers wasn’t produced, in other words. The fellow who won the contract to supply hammers to the government is probably happy, though.

Stuff Going On — 04/28/2017

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President Trump says he hopes that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is rational, then points out Kim’s youth and situation. It seems like Trump is trying to empathize with the guy. Trump also says that “major, major” conflict with North Korea is possible. The President also talks about his working relationship with the Chinese President Xi.

Foreign policy is difficult to evaluate, because everyone is lying, all the time.

You hear a news report that President Evilion of Ilackistan is killing puppies and harvesting the gas from their little tummies to create chemical weapons that he uses against his own people. The U.S. FedGov levies economic sanctions in retaliation and the President promises even tougher sanctions (and maybe a nasty fist-shaking at the next U.N. meeting) if President Evilion doesn’t calm himself down.

The President of Ilackistan claims that it is actually the rebels–who no question are tied to terrorists–that are using chemical weapons against innocent children and kittens. Why should you believe him, right? He’s an evil dictator.

Then, a news report comes out that the rebels are, in fact, tied to terrorist organizations from neighboring countries. They are definitely not the good guys. The U.S. FedGov continues as if the first story is true, though, and starts drone-bombing the snot out of Ilackistan.

News reports say that the U.S. bombs destroyed a major explosives manufacturing facility run by terrorists.

No, says other reports, the U.S. actually destroyed an orphanage for crippled children.

It turns out that it was, in fact, an orphanage, but the terrorists were, indeed, building explosives in the basement. Also, the orphans are crippled because their parents were paid to strap bombs on the children and send them into marketplaces and weddings.

The U.S. President says he definitely opposes “boots on the ground” in Ilackistan. Three hours later, there are reports of U.S. troops sighted in the Ilackistan capital. “Oh, those are just, um, advisors,” the President assures everyone.

Ilackistan is developing nukular weapons. Ilackistan would never develop nukular weapons. Ilackistan is a backwater that can barely feed its own people. Ilackistan has a formidable army that it plans to use against its neighbors. President Evilion is insane. President Evilion is a genius.

We finally managed to push President Evilion out of power, and it was the right thing to do. Oops! When we pushed President Evilion out, someone even worse took over, and things are worse than before!

So, what about North Korea?
Maybe we get in a major shooting war with North Korea; maybe the North Korean government collapses without violence due to economic factors. Maybe relations between the U.S. and North Korea continue as they currently are indefinitely, because each side profits from the situation.

♣ A star for the Food Network and her family (husband and unborn child) is killed by a home contractor she hired. A gruesome story.

♥ The Fox News Channel has decided to succumb to the SJW Virus, apparently. So, people are talking about creating an alternative.

Jeffrey Tucker thinks Trump’s tax proposal is “genius”.

Stuff Going On 04/27/2017

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This memo is for internal use only. Do not discuss the information contained in this memo with parties outside the company, or serious repercussions may result. This memo is for entertainment purposes only, and does not constitute an actual stance on the part of the writers, readers, or those who vetted the information contained in the memo. If the sovereign nation of North Korea really wished to get into a shooting war with the U.S.A. it would pursue a course of writing disparaging Tweets concerning the “true” net-worth of the American President.

♣ I’m interested to see the ACLU bring a lawsuit against the hospital that refuses to attach a giant, fuzzy tail to the fellow who claims he is really a squirrel.

♥ “New York Style” pizzas also don’t taste as good outside New York City, I’m told. These are a good substitute for Oreos™, by the way.

♦ Not a discussion of the Trump Tax Cut Proposal™, but a pretty good overview of the effects of tax cuts.

Stuff Going on Today

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♠ The Trump Armada heads to North Korea for realz this time.

The first female Muslim judge found dead on the banks of the Hudson River.

Woman regains custody of her homeschooled children, but is arrested afterwards for good measure.

♦ Harvard discovers that govt-mandated price floors create surpluses (a surplus of restaurant labor, in this case) Reminds me of a brilliant article that I wrote on this very blog.

Some News Items

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♠ Vice-President Mike Pence declares that “all options are on the table” with regard to North Korea and its nukular fetish.

♣ Steve Stephens gets mad at his girlfriend, decides to kill innocent people.

♥ A judge stops a state government from performing same-sex marriages, and then joins a pro-“traditional marriage” rally. Well, not exactly.

Puerto Rico is struggling financially