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Stuff Going on Today

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♠ The Trump Armada heads to North Korea for realz this time.

The first female Muslim judge found dead on the banks of the Hudson River.

Woman regains custody of her homeschooled children, but is arrested afterwards for good measure.

♦ Harvard discovers that govt-mandated price floors create surpluses (a surplus of restaurant labor, in this case) Reminds me of a brilliant article that I wrote on this very blog.

Some News Items

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♠ Vice-President Mike Pence declares that “all options are on the table” with regard to North Korea and its nukular fetish.

♣ Steve Stephens gets mad at his girlfriend, decides to kill innocent people.

♥ A judge stops a state government from performing same-sex marriages, and then joins a pro-“traditional marriage” rally. Well, not exactly.

Puerto Rico is struggling financially

Kim Jong Il is dead

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