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Stuff Going On — 05/17/2017

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Important, if true. Putting an intelligent partner’s spy (in this case, Israel’s) into danger doesn’t just hurt Israel, it hurts the U.S., because we rely on Israeli intelligence.

♣ “Important, if True” is a phrase that will probably be reduced to an acronym (IiT), because a lot of the stories coming out these days are sourced to unnamed “officials”, and these officials can’t always be trusted to report the facts.

Working woman decides to keep her daddy’s surname when she gets married, because it’s more important for her to identify with her daddy than with her husband, and besides, she gets to be seen as “her own person”, and it makes her feel powerful. Then it makes her feel isolated and hateful, but she still wants to be seen as independent and powerful, so she decides to not honor her husband by taking his name.

♦ People in the Stock Market are taking some money off the table. People outside the Stock Market blame Trump. I can see that, but there are alternative explanations that might be considered.