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Stuff Going On — 05/24/2017

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This is, like, just some guy’s opinion, man. It’s not news. Take it with a grain of salt. And, enjoy.

I’ve done a very brief bit of research (by looking at the Wikipedia article on James Comey), and so far the history matches. He was the guy that prosecuted Martha Stewart, he was the guy who absolved Bill Clinton of any wrongdoing when he (Clinton) pardoned Marc Rich, he did work at Lockheed Martin–although the opinion piece linked above seemed to indicate that he only took the job to funnel Lockheed’s charitable donations to the Clinton Foundation in return for government contracts granted to Lockheed Martin by H. Clinton’s State Department. Comey actually was hired by LM in 2005, and H. Clinton did not become Sec of State until 2008.


British police arrest three people in the investigation into the Manchester bombing. A question that the author asks is, “The more we learn about this guy, the more we wind up asking the same sickening question that crops up after so many terror attacks. How did nobody see this coming?” Well, we have some options on answering that question:

1. They saw it coming, but were too afraid for their own safety to notify anyone.
2. They saw it coming, and approved of the action.
3. They saw it coming, and tried to notify the authorities, but were ignored because “racism” (think Rotherham).
4. They saw it coming, and didn’t care.
5. They saw it coming, but didn’t think it would turn out so disastrously.
6. They didn’t see it coming, for a variety of reasons.
7. Etc., etc.

Aliens are causing a star’s light to fade and strengthen. Maybe it’s aliens. Perhaps it is faeries; why not? Elven wizards are using their magic to drain radiant energy from the star.

People who believe in extraterrestrial intelligent life forms (or any life forms) tend to believe in the “molecules to man evolutionary hypothesis” in some form or another. But if “Evolution” is true, then we earthling humans are most likely the most evolutionary advanced creatures in the universe. Seriously. Do you realize how much time it’s supposed to take for the descendants of spontaneously generated bacteria to reach human-level complexity? The universe is only 13 or 14 billion years old, after all…

“Priming the pump won’t create real wealth”, or economic growth, or income equality, or the elimination of poverty, or an end to the business cycle…

Stuff Going On — 05/19/2017

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Anthony Weiner will plead guilty in Federal Court to transferring obscene material to a minor. I didn’t realize that Hillary’s emails contained salacious material. Hillary, you naughty, naughty babushka.

♣ Heartrending. Father whose six year old son went missing shows up at the press conference that the police decided to hold before informing the man his son was dead.

♥ Oh, right! About that “Comey says that Trump tried to obstruct justice and kept memos” story? As it turns out, Comey already testified earlier this month that Trump did NOT try to obstruct justice.

In defense of insider trading.

Stuff Going On — 05/18/2017

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Trump is on his way to a visit to Saudi Arabia. There is a countdown clock to the meeting. The Saudis are hopeful that the lurch toward favoring Iran that occurred under President Obama will be arrested and reversed by President Trump. The first article talks about the religious split (Saudi Arabia is Sunni Muslim, Iran is Shiite Muslim), but doesn’t mention the racial animosity between the countries: Saudi Arabia is Semitic, Iran is Indo-European, and I think it is a mistake not to bring that point up in these racially charged times. I once worked with Iraqi expatriates, and they hated the Iranians, but were contemptuous of the Saudis (they described Saudi Arabia as the “Mexico” and Iraq as the “USA”). But I digress. There is a hilarious quote concerning President Trump in the first linked article: “‘I hope he is very careful, nuanced and informed in his wording and body language, given the political earthquakes he could cause by repeating some of his previous rhetoric in such a setting,’ Sullivan said.” This is in reference to the speech Pres. Trump intends to make about the problem of Islamic extremism.

There’s just not enough popcorn in the world.

♣ The deputy attorney general appoints a special counsel to look into the whole #TrumpRussia story. The person he picked is former FBI man, Robert Mueller.

Roger Ailes, the founder of the Fox News network died. Sources say he is in talks with St. Peter to build an afterlife-based news station, tentatively called The Heavenly News Network.

Walmart is fighting for position against in the online shopping arena. I used to work for Sears, which at one time was prevented from merging with K-Mart because lawmakers were afraid that such a merger would create a monopoly in the retail industry. Then, years and years later, Sears and K-Mart did “merge”, and they are going bankrupt.

Online sales has proven too convenient. There’s also, I would think, a better “sales capture”, since packing that regretted impulse purchase back into a box and taking the box to FedEx or the Post Office is a lot more trouble than carrying it back to the store.


A couple of things…

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•  Robert Wenzel discusses what a President Pence might look like, in terms of his economic policies, were Trump to lose his job. In short, Pence is conventionally “pro-market”, which means a mixture of actual Free Market advocacy with a leavening of crony-capitalism.

In this opinion piece, Gregg Jarrett argues that, had Comey written a memo describing Pres. Trump trying to obstruct justice, then Comey himself is guilty of breaking the law. He’s supposed to report that stuff. Jonathan Turley makes some similar observations.

Stuff Going On — 05/12/2017

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The media are quite giddy over the story of Trump’s firing of FBI Director Comey. They think they smell blood in the water. They breathlessly report about “he said, he said” situations based on information provided by “sources”. Some Democrats are hinting around about the “I” word*.

I have no dog in this fight. I wanted Ted Cruz to be President, until he endorsed Trump, at which point I decided to vote for the Constitution Party candidate, Darrell Castle. If President Trump is *impeached, and removed from office, I would feel validation, not anger, over the situation. But, it seems to me, the leftist-progressives in this country are completely misreading what is going on, and they have a surprising inability to grasp nuance in any story, anymore.

Also, when their “sources” tell them things that turn out not to be true, it just adds to the narrative that the media is just making things up, out of partisan spite. It’s getting to where even I am automatically regarding any Trump hit piece with skepticism, if it relies on unnamed sources.

Trumps supporters among the populace aren’t even listening to the media, and his erstwhile detractors in the center-right are slowly coming around to seeing he’s not such a bad guy, in part because of the apocalyptic-style reporting that fails to comport with reality.

One other thing: it’s pointless to speak of Trump’s instincts being wrong, or his decisions “looking” like those of an incompetent man. He’s just doing things differently than expected, in a world where the rules of engagement are definitely skewed in the favor of those already in power, or that are entrenched in the bureaucracy. I thought he wasn’t going to win the election, but he did. In my totally non-professional opinion, President Trump needs to go back to what made him successful: Double Down. He should fire someone else in the next couple of days, just on principle. His political opponents will be thrown in to disarray, and waste lots of time discussing what it all means, and trying to figure out a way to turn it to their advantage. In the meantime, Trump moves on to the next issue, and everyone forgets what they were talking about last week.

The Affordable Care Act is still failing. I saw the link to this commentary on instapundit ( The name of the author of the commentary isn’t given. The article is right that “Obamacare” is failing, but the author then throws out some suggestions which, if implemented, will not really solve the problem. First, a quibble: the author says we can’t solve the problem by “blind faith in private markets”. The heck we can’t.

Anyway, one of the other proposals is to allow more “doctor immigrants” into the country to “lower the price of health care”. Why not just release the stranglehold that the AMA somehow has on how many Americans can become doctors each year? Why not eschew licensing as a requirement for being a doctor? Allow people to put their trust in someone who has been to medical school, even if he hasn’t gotten his fee-purchased government stamp of approval?

Also, state governments could eliminate the silly “Certificate of Need” laws that prevent the building or expansion of medical facilities. This is a crony-capitalist measure, if there ever was one.

Finally, the government could rein in the FDA, and its approval process for developing drugs. Yes, drug companies can and do make dangerous cost-cutting measures when developing drugs–the company officials are still humans responding to incentives, after all–but I imagine that some of that is due to the ridiculously expensive process of getting FDA approval. Also, the rules for patents, trademarks, and copyrights needs to be reviewed. It all comes down to government interference in the marketplace.

Prince Harry is going to be the very model of a modern major general.

President Trump’s son-in-law saves NAFTA from demise. For now, anyway. Whatever. NAFTA is government-managed trade, not free trade, despite the name. All government “free trade” agreements ought to be scrapped, and the government limited from interfering with the trade decisions of individuals and firms. Nations do not trade; people trade.


Stuff Going On — 05/10/2017

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♠ The big news isn’t that President Trump fired FBI Director Comey; the big news is which narrative will be accepted by the public. Narrative One says that Pres. Trump, disgusted with the amateur and incompetent antics of James Comey in his handling of the Clinton email investigation, finally fired the guy. Narrative Two says that Pres. Trump, fearful of his ties to Russia being investigated, fired Comey to head off any such investigation before the Truth™ is discovered, with the result that Trump is impeached and removed from office (and probably VP Pence, as well) before the first year of his administration is finished.

The media’s problem is that, even if Narrative Two is spot on accurate, they have a credibility problem with the public. They’ve spent too much time telling the public how dumb, ignorant, and evil they are; this killed their capacity to gain the same public’s ear when they have a story that would be important to broadcast.

Note that, in the Politico article I linked, there are many bald assertions about what Trump felt and what he was doing and what his goals were with regard to Comey’s dismissal, all sourced to unnamed “advisors” and “Senior officials”. All pretty convincing, unless, of course, one is predisposed to think of news outlets like Politico to be subpar dispensers of Truth™.

Former President Obama has to break a few eggs to make an environmental omelet. This is part of the culture of people committed to socialism and communism–of which the “climate change” movement is now an integral part. The point of socialism/communism/climate changism isn’t to “make everyone equal” and “bring justice to the oppressed” and “share the wealth”; the point of it all is to make everyone poor, so that those at the top can enjoy luxuries. People like former President Obama just cannot enjoy a good wine, or a nice steak dinner, if they know that the “lesser” people of the world–thanks to the free market–can enjoy the same things. It tastes so much sweeter to people of his ilk if he knows he can enjoy something that is denied to millions and billions of others.

The greediest, most grasping businessman who makes his living in the marketplace has an incentive to make his customers better off–because then they can purchase more of the goods and services he has to offer. The Michael Milkens of the world are more noble by far than the FDRs.

President Trump decides not to move the U.S. Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Shouldn’t be surprising; he’s not following through with several of his campaign promises (which is a good thing, in some cases).

President Trump promises to soak up all those pesky dollars available for loans. Now, businesses and investors don’t have to worry about finding the funds for their investments, because they won’t be there.

Pres. Trump fires FBI Director Comey

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Here is’s take on the story.

There is an idea floating around on Twitter and elsewhere that President Trump fired Comey to shut down an investigation into the ties between the Trump presidential campaign and the Russian government. Cue the comparisons between Trump and Nixon.

I don’t think that Trump thinks along those lines, though. He is a “celebrity”, not a politician; otherwise, he would have hesitated to fire Comey, or ask for his resignation, or something. Maybe leak pictures of Comey cavorting with whores of Babylon (everyone who goes to D.C. gets pictures of themselves cavorting with whores of Babylon; it’s kind of a thing).

I think, rather, that what Trump is doing is whacking someone who made him “look stupid”. It’s his M.O. in situations such as this, where he looks naïve for trusting the wrong people. Paul Manafort turned out to have ties to the Russian mob; Trump kicked him out the door without so much as a “thank you”. Michael Flynn “lied” to V.P. Pence, and so was given the boot. Now, FBI Director Comey recently claimed that Huma Abedin forwarded “hundreds and thousands” of emails from Hillary’s server to her husband, Anthony Wiener. This is an extremely serious accusation, which would tend to help Trump, who argued during the campaign that Hillary was unfit to be President because she was unscrupulous about handling state information. It turned out the Comey exaggerated. Trump fired him as a result. I don’t think it’s any more complicated than that.

UPDATE: Well, it could be a little more complicated, perhaps. One of the early commenters to the Hotair article linked above speculates that James Comey was the source of the FBI leaks, and that Pres. Trump waited until Comey was out of town to fire him, so that he (Comey) couldn’t destroy evidence.

Also, here is an article published in the New Yorker last October about something similar.