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Stuff Going On — 06/02/2017

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One down, two to go. The opinion piece discusses three actions taken by President Obama that just oozes authoritarianism: The Paris Accords/Agreement/Treaty, Illegal Surveillance of American Citizens, and the “Iran deal”. President Trump has now relegated the first item to File 13. However, as Allahpundit noted on Twitter, Trump is as likely to change his mind and throw his support to the Paris Agreement as he is to stay firm in righteous action. He’s already talking about “renegotiating” the deal. Not necessary, at all.

California lawmakers have taken a huge step toward creating a state “single payer” system. This means that, in California, anyone going to the doctor or hospital will have their visit paid for by the government. This is different from a “public option”, where the government provides alternatives to traditional private health insurance. The single payer system is proposed to cost $400 billion, which is more than the California government can afford, at present. Governor Jerry Brown is reportedly “cool” to the idea.

I hope they get it passed. It would be interesting to see how quickly the state goes bankrupt, the access to, and quality of, medical services deteriorates, and the population of California fluctuates. I imagine that a lot of people will initially immigrate to California to get their “free health care”, only to abandon the poor husk of a state after all the doctors have retired or left, the hospitals are boarded up, and people have to travel to neighboring states to get routine procedures done. because medical services in California are rationed.

♥ So, Lansing Michigan elevates people’s feelings over other people’s right to own and use property.

I get it; the Supreme Court has ruled that people don’t have property rights, anymore. Well, they’re wrong. Anyone who opens a business has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. This includes hotels, gas stations, grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, and other businesses offering services “to the public”. If a restaurant’s owner does not want to serve Christians, he has every right to ban them from his privately owned business, while at the same time serving everyone else of whatever creed. Forcing this restaurant owner to use his property to serve Christians when he prefers not to is a form of theft, which God forbids.

Honestly, though, it’s not like the farmer who is being banned from the farmer’s market for his absolutely correct stance on “same-sex marriage” has an actual right to participate in the farmer’s market. If he wishes, he should purchase some land and start his own farmer’s market. It would probably be superior in every way to the public market.

♦ Fox News reported the other day that over 250,000 jobs were created in May. I don’t know where they got their numbers. The most recent news is that a mere 138,000 jobs were created in May, versus an estimate of 185,000. Unemployment has dropped to its lowest level in 16 years, to a rate of 4.3%.

President Trump may want to claim credit for this; some small part of the drop in unemployment may be attributed to him, but the economy today is a function of the policies that President Obama had been pursuing for eight years–primarily the policy of “easy money” by the Federal Reserve. We are in the “Boom” phase of the “Boom-Bust” cycle, where all the nonsense occurs that must be corrected in the next “Bust” phase.

Speaking of jobs, and the Paris Agreement that Trump thankfully withdrew from, I’ve been seeing tweets on Twitter that say something along the lines of: “You can’t say that Trump saved jobs by pulling the US from the Paris Agreement; the coal industry only employs 50,000 people, while the renewable energy firms employ several times that number of people.”

This is correct; coal, which once employed over 800,000 Americans, only employs around 50,000 people these days (70,000, if you include ancillary businesses). The renewable energy companies employ several times that number of people. Looking at the amount of energy each subindustry produces, however, shows that coal–by itself–produces around twice the amount of energy that every renewable energy company (solar, wind, etc.) produces.

Relying on Renewable Energy for our energy needs is suboptimal. Paying more to produce less is wasteful, and inefficient. And that’s assuming that the Renewable Energy industry is economically viable. Most renewable energy companies rely heavily on government subsidies to stay afloat. Traditional “fossil fuel” companies also receive subsidies that are exponentially greater than those doled out to the Renewable Energy Firms. These subsidies should be eliminated, but the “fossil fuel companies” would probably be profitable without the subsidies, just not as much. Renewable Energy companies would go bankrupt without government assistance.

A U.S. agency is being investigated for providing loans to solar companies that were on the verge of bankruptcy.


Free Trade IS the Free Market

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If you meet someone, anyone, who says they support capitalism, but do not support Free Trade, then understand that that person does not support capitalism at all. People who hate Free Trade hate the Free Market, and Capitalism, because they do not truly accept the principle of private property. They want a say in how another disposes of his income, backed up by the threat of violence. Eventually, you will find that their desire for government intervention in trade leads them to the conclusion that the government needs to intervene in all sorts of other economic (and non-economic) activities, up to and including advocating communism. They lack the capacity to grasp that much of the ill effects they attribute to freedom is actually due to the very government intervention for which they pine. History has numerous examples that the Free Market/Free Trade works, and communism/government intervention doesn’t.

And, yes, support for Free Trade needs to be unconditional.

Be also wary of people who fear immigrants “stealing their jobs”, or “destroying the culture”, or whatever immigrants are supposed to be doing, more than they fear a government powerful enough to legally starve their children while they watch helplessly. It is an inexcusable stupidity on their part.

Anyone who invites more government intervention into his life to protect him from potential threats is like someone who invites a serial killer to move in to protect against possible burglars.

Stuff Going On — 05/31/2017

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President Trump plans to send U.S. arms to Kurdish fighters in Syria. The Turks are not happy, because they claim that these Kurds are terrorist separatists, but this is something that even President Obama promised to do. Trump is actually doing it.

President Trump is also planning to pull out of the Paris Agreement on Climate change. Even though I am not a Trump supporter, I am happily in agreement with this decision. The Earth is about to enter a cooling phase, anyway, due to the cycle of the Sun, and there’s nothing that world-spanning legislation can do about it. Here is Erick Erickson on this story.

♥ Somebody at CNN named Kathy Griffon did a little skit in which she chopped off President Trump’s head. Likely you’ve seen the gruesome pictures plastered all over the news sites. Whatever; leftists are inherently violent and hate-filled, and they will excuse themselves for this unacceptable performance “art”. However, there are consequences; Kathy should expect a visit from the Secret Service (if she hasn’t already had one), and CNN has lost its first advertiser — ADT.

Aside from all that, however, antics like this can affect people in a real and unfortunate way. It turns out Barron Trump, the President’s son, saw the image, and thought that something terrible actually happened. Way to go, Griffin, you freak.

John Stossel discusses the refusal of socialists to accept the real-world failures of actual socialism.

A couple of things…

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•  Robert Wenzel discusses what a President Pence might look like, in terms of his economic policies, were Trump to lose his job. In short, Pence is conventionally “pro-market”, which means a mixture of actual Free Market advocacy with a leavening of crony-capitalism.

In this opinion piece, Gregg Jarrett argues that, had Comey written a memo describing Pres. Trump trying to obstruct justice, then Comey himself is guilty of breaking the law. He’s supposed to report that stuff. Jonathan Turley makes some similar observations.

Stuff Going On — 05/09/2017

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♠ The reason Trump won: It wasn’t the Economy, smart guy.

Florida man throws old woman into pool, then turns himself in.

♥ Michigan steams like a young man’s dreams, just not right now. Right now, it’s clear enough to see the bottom.

President Trump continues to steep himself in neo-mercantilist theory. Beware of anyone who hates Free Trade; it is almost an axiom that he hates truly free markets, as well.

Stuff Going On — 05/08/2017

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Macron is mightier than Le Pen. It is interesting to me that this story isn’t bigger than it is. As of 9:26 a.m., CST, on the day after the election the articles on CNN are all pre-election ones. The headline on Drudge is a link to a blog (the gateway pundit). MSNBC has a story, but it’s down the list, and is actually a story from yesterday written (or recorded–it’s a video) before the official results. Fox News also has a story (it’s the one I linked), but it’s also “down the list”. I get it that normal people don’t really care about the French elections, but I find it strange that there is no “victory lap” in the press. The Alt-right nationalist was defeated, after all (for now, anyway).

In Chicago, a man was shot and killed Sunday morning. An impromptu memorial service was being held later that day, and two gunmen used the opportunity to shoot 10 more people, killing two of them.

♥ Meanwhile, in Memphis, a person tries to rob a liquor store, and is himself liquidated.

♦ Nationalist economics are not Free Market economics. If someone says they hate or oppose Free Trade, then they also hate and oppose the Free Market. President Trump campaigned on a promise to use government power to interfere with the international free flow of goods. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that he wants the government to interfere in the domestic markets, as well.

Stuff Going On — 04/25/2017

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Russia has supplanted Saudi Arabia as the third-largest spender on military. It spends just under $70 billion, compared to 2nd-place China’s $215 billion and the U.S.A.’s $611 billion.

♣ A court case that has a good chance of making it to the SCOTUS may, possibly, eliminate all Federal Gun Control laws.

Belleview, FL is feeling a little rebellious.

♦ Trump is playing 3D Monopoly, by targeting U.S. trading partner Canada, instead of Mexico. Robert Wenzel talks about the benefits that accrue to U.S. citizens from foreign government subsidies.