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Stuff Going On — 06/03/2017

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President Trump won’t block Comey’s testimony before Congress. This is being reported by the New York Times, based on reports from anonymous sources, for what it’s worth. There was some discussion that Trump might invoke Executive Privilege to prevent Comey’s testimony, in order to protect himself from investigations into his ties to Russia, which has so far produced no evidence. I think most leftist-progressive opponents of Trump (is there a leftist-progressive who doesn’t oppose him? Hmmm….) are more angry about his “denial of science” than about his ties to Russia, they just think they have a better chance of getting rid of him by harping on the “Russia Story”.

♣ Speaking of bad government science, research is now showing that the “low fat/high carb” diet that the U.S. FedGov has promoted since 1980 is killing us, literally (and I don’t mean “Sean Hannity literally”). To be honest, I never liked the idea of “low fat” anything. I would always buy whole milk and regular sour cream, among other items. It wasn’t because I thought it was more healthy (it isn’t too much healthier, to be honest; getting your fats from a bag of walnuts is much, much better than eating cheese, if not quite as tasty), but because I imagined that I preferred the flavor of things with the fat content intact.

♥ Speaking of delicious fatty foods, here is Hollis Johnson’s critical review of Whataburger. I’ve tried Whataburger a few times; meh. It’s not bad, but, honestly, I have enjoyed a Wendy’s burger more. The best fast food burger, in my opinion, is Hardee’s–and this does NOT include Carl’s Jr., which I tried and found lacking. After Hardee’s, I guess I would rate Culver’s next, then Back Yard Burgers (although their “Hawaiin Chicken Sandwich is better than their burgers, which are delicious), then Sonic’s burgers, then Wendy’s. McDonald’s and Burger King are about the same to me in terms of enjoyment, even though the burgers are different. Steak-n-Shake is good (especially their Frisco Melt), but they can be slow, and they’re more of a sit-down restaurant. I’ve not tried “In-and-Out”. I did not like Jack In the Box, and I DEFINITELY do not like Krystal’s (which means I would probably not like White Castle, though I’ve not tried it).

I like Five Guys, and Moo-Ya’s is really good. In fact, at Moo-Ya’s I can get my favorite toppings (which I first enjoyed at a Hardee’s, with their discontinued “Steak House Burger”): Blue Cheese, crispy onion straws, pickles (I have to ask for these), Swiss cheese, and copious amounts of A-1 steak sauce.

Trump appoints a guy to the Federal Reserve who wants the dollars in your pocket to change value on a day-to-day basis. I mean, the FedRes sort of does this, already, and I’m not sure of all the implications, but it sounds like, if you’re paying with cash, that dollar in your pocket may not be enough to purchase a candy bar with a $1 price tag. Understand, that, though schemes like this are presented as “well, the dollar’s value could go up or down, depending on the circumstances”, in reality, the value of the dollar will only go down. This is the next step in eliminating paper currency altogether. If the government can control your digital money, then it can control you. Dollars in your wallet, up to now, has promised some sort of protection against that. This appointee is trying to make an end-run around this protection.

See also: for more information on how the Federal Reserve destroys purchasing power.


Just read this on the CP’s “Party Platform Page”

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I have severe disagreements with some of the planks in this party’s platform.  Their misunderstanding of what free trade is and how it benefits all Americans is ludicrous and appalling.  But, overall, right now, the good parts seem, to me, to heavily outweigh the bad.
Consider, for example, their statement concerning jury nullification: 

All who are accused of crimes, petty to capital, shall have a trial by jury upon request, and the jury shall be fully informed of its right to nullify the law.

Is that awesome, or what?  They also oppose the “War on Terror”, want to abolish the Income Tax, the Federal Reserve, and fractional reserve banking!!! “Where our conservatism is defined by our embarrassing ignorance”

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So “Dave_A” thinks that the Federal Reserve is “A-Okay!”, that Ron Paul is attempting a “political ambush”, and that the “Audit the Fed” bill should be killed in the Senate.  Why?  Because Dave_A thinks that debtors being able to legally cheat their creditors is a good thing.

Well, Dave_A, when you’re standing in the dairy aisle, and staring at the $48 price tag for a gallon of milk, perhaps you’ll understand why your socialist “government managed money supply” is so vehemently opposed by people who really understand and love liberty, unlike posers like you.  And spare me the nonsense that the Federal Reserve “is as Federal as Federal Express”;  the delivery company does not have a government-granted monopoly on overnight deliveries, nor does the U.S. President appoint the FedEx CEO.  So shut your festering pie hole, you contemptible buffoon, and begin your real education in economics right here.

Hazlitt discusses inflation.

Ron Paul’s “Audit the Fed” bill passes House

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Though Harry Reid apparently has expressed support for such a measure, he is being coy, now, and will probably kill it in the Senate.

In any case, an interesting discussion ensued over on about what sort of monetary system should replace the Federal Reserve?  My answer: a free market in money.