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Romans 13 and Anarchy

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A commentary here.


Here is a whole website devoted to the subject.


And here is the inimitable Dr. Robert Murphy, economist extraordinaire.


Anarchy in the Aachen

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Just putting this here so that I don’t lose it again.


“Can a community without a central government avoid descending into chaos and rampant criminality? Can its economy grow and thrive without the intervening regulatory hand of the state? Can its disputes be settled without a monopoly on legal judgments? If the strange and little-known case of the condominum of Moresnet — a wedge of disputed territory in northwestern Europe, and arguably Europe’s counterpart to America’s so-called Wild West — acts as our guide, we must conclude that statelessness is not only possible but beneficial to progress, carrying profound advantages over coercive bureaucracies.”

Anarchy in Action

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