October 30, 2018

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Some random thoughts, here:

♠ President Trump is proposing to end “Birthright Citizenship” by executive order. Not sure how this would work; it is generally accepted that if one is born on U.S. soil, then one is a U.S. citizen by default. As someone I follow on Twitter said, however, the 14th Amendment has the clause “and subject to its jurisdiction”, so the argument can be made that, as illegal immigrants are not subject to U.S. jurisdiction, then their children born on U.S. soil can’t be considered citizens.

This is obviously in response to the now-multiple “caravans” of “refugees” that are marching toward the U.S. This situation is fraudulent; the refugees were offered asylum by the Mexican government, and they refused. We watched them violently break through a barricade manned by Mexican police, so we know they are violent. Don’t listen to anyone who tries to guilt you into allowing these violent invaders into the country.

♣ George Papadopoulos has been invited on a few news opinion shows (Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, to be specific) to talk about what’s up with him. He was charged with lying to the FBI and sentenced to 14 days in jail (I don’t know if he has served his sentence yet). He is trying to take back his guilty plea, based on new evidence that the prosecutors cheated. Dan Bongino has been hitting this story pretty hard. Hear him at this link.



Interesting Story

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A little over a year ago, there was a story about a woman who filed a lawsuit against then-candidate Donald Trump, accusing him of raping her when she was 13 years old. She dropped the lawsuit, however.

As it turns out, she may have been paid $200 grand by Hillary Clinton to file the lawsuit, and, further, may have actually been raped by Bill Clinton. The story is from last November.

A thought on Hell

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Part of the pain, and shame, of Hell will be that one’s unbelief, which one assumed to be evidence of superior intelligence, will be shown to be hideously naive and stupid.

Laughing off God’s word as “oral traditions of goat-herders written centuries after the fact” will be particularly piercing. One does not call God a liar without repercussion.

Chrissy Ford is a liar.

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Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote should be held at the earliest opportunity, and the woman who accuses him of feeling her up should be ignored.

Remember that she has not claimed that he raped her. A lot of people are jumping straight to calling him a rapist when that isn’t what she claimed. She seems to be claiming attempted rape, but even that didn’t actually happen.

Let me help those who may be confused: there was no party, gathering, or meeting at which a teenaged Kavanaugh threw Chrissy Ford on a bed and felt her up. It did not happen. Anyone who claims it happened, anyone who talks about repressed memories and believing the victim, is a liar, or is irredeemably stupid and gullible. This is a purely political tactic, to attempt to derail the confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court or, failing that, to try to tarnish his reputation so that any decisions he makes as a Supreme Court Justice can be described as illegitimate.

A lot of people who support Kavanaugh are expressing frustration and despair, thinking that this tactic by the prog-leftists will be successful. It only succeeds, though, if we let it. We dont have to allow the Democrats and the prog-leftists get away with their lies. Simply say, “You are fooling no one with this. You are a liar, and have no right to have your accusations treated seriously. We don’t care what you say. We will pursue this course of action despite your opposition.” As Dan Bongino says, “New rules: we win, you lose.”

In order for this to work in the political sphere, we have to vote for candidates that will have the backbone to not play the Democrats/prog-leftists’ silly game, where normal people take their lunacy seriously.

What about the Jews?

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There is a group within the alt-right and pro-Trump movements that seems only interested in pushing an idea called “the Jewish Question”, which, as someone else quipped, is more of a “Jewish Statement”, and revolves around the idea that most or even all of the world’s problems are the result of the insidious secret activities of Jewish people. The high percentage of Jewish people (as compared to their percentage of the population) in media, finance, and entertainment is normally mentioned, along with anti-nationalist policies prominent Jewish personalities promote.

Okay, that isn’t too surprising. Jewish people have long been held in suspicion due to their insularity and their ability to succeed in business and politics despite their proportionally small numbers. Jews are easy scapegoats when times get tough. As an aside, Dr. Thomas Sowell has noted that Chinese people who immigrate to other lands are similarly viewed and by the native populations.

In any case, the feeling among those who promote the Jewish Question is that Jews need to be persecuted, even executed, as a group. Again, this is a stance that a lot of people have historically taken.

It seems that many people claiming the name of Christ are being enticed into embracing this idea. The most mainstream Christian version is called “Replacement Theology”, which posits that all the promises that God made to Israel have been permanently transferred to the Church, because Israel rejected the Messiah. Well, all the good promises have been transferred, anyway. Israel still gets to have all the bad promises.

At least the replacement theologians aren’t saying that God straight up broke all His promises to Israel. That would imply God is a liar, and if He is a liar, how can we Christians ever truly trust Him?

It is clear from Scripture that God chose Israel to be the people that bear His name. It was Israel that God brought out of Egypt, Israel to whom God gave the Promised Land, Israel who received His law, Israel through whom the Messiah would come, and thus bless all the world. Israel and “the Jews” are the same, by the way; some try to claim they’re different, that the Jews are satanic, etc. Some try to say that the people of Great Britain, or the American Indian tribes, are really the “lost Tribes of Israel”. I doubt either scenario.

To be quite honest, the Jews haven’t quite covered themselves with glory, and aren’t always the innocent victims that some want to portray them as. Even the barest effort at research will reveal that Jews are definitely the children of Jacob: lying, cheating, grasping, cowardly, disloyal, unconstant… Even a good Hebrew, like Joseph son of Jacob, you kind of have to watch your back with. He interpreted Pharoah’s dream, and thus saved Egypt, and the surrounding regions, from terrible famine, and yet, less than fifteen years after being put in charge, Joseph had finagled every single Egyptian into becoming a slave–literal slave– of the government. Read that story again; he seized a portion of everyone’s grain during the seven good years prior to the famine, and then sold it back to them. The Egyptians had to buy back their own seized property. Joseph stopped even keeping records of the grain he seized. Again, Joseph was a good guy–nothing bad is directly said about him in Scripture.

The three Hebrews/Jews (the Bible applies both terms to the same people) who wrote the largest portion of Scripture–Moses, King David, and Saint Paul– were murderers.

To take it to the next step, GOD HIMSELF is harder on the Jews than many “Jewish Question” adherents today. Read the prophets. Isaiah, when granted a vision of,God, cried out “Woe is me, for I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and dwell in the midst of a people with unclean lips.” [Isaiah 6:5]. I don’t think Isaiah is admitting he has a potty mouth; his lips are unclean from kissing idols–literally, or figuratively.

Or consider the whole prophecy of Ezekiel. At one point, God lifts Ezekiel by his hair (Ezekiel was one of the exiles in Babylon), carries him to the Temple in Jerusalem, and shows him all the idolatry that is going on in the place that God described as His earthly dwelling. The priests have idols hidden away in their chambers, and are out in front of the Temple, worshipping the sun.

So, what about it? Why hasn’t God abandoned Israel in favor of the Messiah’s church?

God asserts in Ezekiel the He will rescue Israel for His name’s sake: “Then you will know that I am the LORD when I have dealt with you for My name’s sake, not according to your evil ways or according to your corrupt deeds, O house of Israel,” declares the Lord GOD.’” Ezekiel 20:44

So, God isn’t blind to Israel’s bad qualities. He will save the nation despite the Israelis, not because of them, because He keeps His word and His promises.

All right, then; that is Old Testament stuff. Is there anything in the New Testament that supports the idea that the Church permanently replaced Israel?

Well, St. Paul didn’t think so. Check out his letter to the Romans, chapters 10 through 12.

St. John’s prophecy, called “Revelation”, deals exclusively with the Church until chapter 4, after which only Israel is talked about as being God’s people on earth. The 144,000 are Jews, 12,000 from each tribe, and these are the ones that evangelize the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom. The Church (as represented by the crowned-and-enthroned Elders) is in heaven.

We are living in the Church age. It is a special time of God’s grace, whereby people can freely accept God’s offer of salvation through Jesus the Messiah, who died for us, and then rose from the dead. The offer of salvation is made to Jews and non-Jews, and any Jewish person who accepts Jesus the Messiah has the same privileges and benefits as the non-Jewish believer. In fact, in Jesus the Messiah, there is no longer a distinction between Jew and non-Jew; there is only the Christian.

At some point, though, being a Jew will entail a lot of privileges that will be unavailable to non-Jews. During Jesus’ reign on earth, a non-Jew who wants to worship God will have to find a Jew and request access to God. The temple during this time will only be open on Saturdays and on new moon days. Those of us who became Christians during the Church age will, of course, be serving God day and night in His temple, so access don’t be a problem for us.

To wrap up, hatred of Jews as a group is a Satanically inspired emotion. They are God’s chosen people, not for their own sakes, but rather for God’s name’s sake. That said, God obviously has a special regard for Jews, and loves them, even as they continually reject Him. One who wishes to have the mind of God should have the same love and regard.

An aside

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If one is doing a lengthy and interesting lecture on the history/ biography of, say Cyrus the 2nd, and one feels compelled, when describing the fall of Babylon as described in the Book of Daniel, to say something along the lines of, “Well, none of that’s true, but that is how the Bible story goes”, then one should realize that “the Bible version” is, in fact, the only true account. One should also be aware that one will stand in front of the Throne of the Infinite Creator God–the One who directed the writing of Daniel’s account and who you are, in effect calling a liar–and feel your face burn with shame so intense St. Peter could fry a fish on it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Pitiful, and pitiable are ye.

Abandon your silly and prideful unbelief and embrace Truth, which is the Person Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God. Then, you won’t feel shame, at all, since He already took all the shame of those who trust Him onto Himself.

The Number of the Beast

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The Beast (of Revelation) is predicted to have a “number” which the False Prophet will require people to permanently brand to either their right hands or their foreheads, in order to conduct trade.

This is described as, “the number of his [the Beast’s] name,” and may be connected somehow to “the number of a man”, which is stated to be “666”.

It may, rather, be some sort of allusion to the Muslim god Allah.

Whatever it is, the Number of the Beast is an identifier that the one who has branded himself thus is a worshipper of the Beast. He’s “all in”, has rejected the Gospel of the Kingdom that was preached to the whole world by an angel, and has willingly embraced the lie that the Beast will somehow win over the Infinite and Omnipotent Creator.

One who is branded with the Brady’s number/symbol/name will have no chance for redemption. It will be better to be tortured and killed than to take that mark.