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If one is doing a lengthy and interesting lecture on the history/ biography of, say Cyrus the 2nd, and one feels compelled, when describing the fall of Babylon as described in the Book of Daniel, to say something along the lines of, “Well, none of that’s true, but that is how the Bible story goes”, then one should realize that “the Bible version” is, in fact, the only true account. One should also be aware that one will stand in front of the Throne of the Infinite Creator God–the One who directed the writing of Daniel’s account and who you are, in effect calling a liar–and feel your face burn with shame so intense St. Peter could fry a fish on it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Pitiful, and pitiable are ye.

Abandon your silly and prideful unbelief and embrace Truth, which is the Person Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God. Then, you won’t feel shame, at all, since He already took all the shame of those who trust Him onto Himself.


The Number of the Beast

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The Beast (of Revelation) is predicted to have a “number” which the False Prophet will require people to permanently brand to either their right hands or their foreheads, in order to conduct trade.

This is described as, “the number of his [the Beast’s] name,” and may be connected somehow to “the number of a man”, which is stated to be “666”.

It may, rather, be some sort of allusion to the Muslim god Allah.

Whatever it is, the Number of the Beast is an identifier that the one who has branded himself thus is a worshipper of the Beast. He’s “all in”, has rejected the Gospel of the Kingdom that was preached to the whole world by an angel, and has willingly embraced the lie that the Beast will somehow win over the Infinite and Omnipotent Creator.

One who is branded with the Brady’s number/symbol/name will have no chance for redemption. It will be better to be tortured and killed than to take that mark.

It is again time for some tough-love crazy-talk

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Even at its best, this world still belongs to Satan.” ~Chuck Missler


First, if you have not yet done so, call on Jesus the Messiah, the Christ, to rescue you from your sins. Pray in your heart/mind, or speak your prayer aloud, I don’t care. Ask Jesus to,help you if you have difficulty understanding what it means to believe in Him, and read the Bible–the Gospel of John, or the Letter to the Romans are good places to start. Grab that Gideon Bible out of the hotel lampstand and start reading, man. Take care of that problem, first. When you have done so, read the Book of Revelation, then the Gospel of John (again).

Now, the following is my speculation of future events, based on my understanding of what the Scripture says. Not all Scriptural prophecies have been fulfilled, yet.

Again, this is my own speculation based on Scripture, not mystically sourced predictions.

The next prophesied event to occur will be the Departure of the Church (2 Thessalonians 2:3) (note: your translation probably says “apostasy”, or “falling away”, but the word can be translated “departure”, as in “a departure from a room”, or, “departure from the earth prior to God’s final judgement”). This is followed by one or possibly two attempted invasions of Israel, first (possibly) by the adjacent countries (Psalm 83), then the “Gog-Magog Invasion” described in Ezekiel 38-39. The end of the Gog-Magog Invasion is an obviously miraculous direct intervention by God, which will result in Israel abandoning (as much as is possible) Talmudic Judaism and other forms of Judaism (Kabbalah, Reformed, Atheistic Judaism, etc.) in favor of Mosaic Judaism, including a rebuilding of the temple and a resumption of the Mosaic sacrifices. (An aside: check out the aftermath of that invasion, which seems to indicate that specialists are hired to clean up radioactive waste. When people see a man’s bones lying in a field, they don’t touch it! Instead, they put up a sign for the specialists to come around and bury the bones.)

The Pseudo-Christ appears out of nowhere, and expect him to have a similar career to President Trump, except on a grander scale (I would say that Trump is not the Pseudo-Christ, nor is Obama). I speculate that the Pseudo-Christ will claim credit for the miraculous end of the Gog-Magog Invasion. He will somehow appease Jews, Muslims, those who call themselves Christians (but who aren’t really, as evidenced by their missing the Departure*), and the miscellaneous religions.

Things will be going swimmingly for a short while, until the Pseudo-Christ confirms a covenant with Israel, which will trigger the beginning of “Daniel’s 70th Week”.

The False Prophet will appear, and I expect he will claim to be the historical Jesus of Nazareth returned. He will “explain” that he is not the Son of God–just a prophet–and that he never really died on the cross, but was rather taken to heaven. This False Prophet will have miraculous powers, and will fully support and promote the Pseudo-Christ.

During the first three-and-a-half years, God’s initial judgements will fall (for more details, see the prophetic Book of Revelation). The 144,000 Jews (12,000 from every tribe, except Dan) will be sealed, and will begin proselytizing the world.

The order of the next few events may differ from how I describe, but I speculate that the two witnesses will appear, and begin their ministry of proclaiming God’s judgement.

At the end of three and a half years, an angel will fly through the sky, proclaiming the Gospel. Everyone will hear the Gospel, and have to decide which side he is on–the real Christ’s, or the Pseudo-Christ’s.  The Pseudo-Christ will kill the two witnesses, and then enter the Jewish Temple and declare himself to be God. He will be killed himself (something to do with a sword hitting his right eye and right arm). The False Prophet will “resurrect” the Pseudo-Christ, as well as set up a talking statue of the Pseudo-Christ in the temple. At this time, people will be required to show their allegience to the Pseudo-Christ by getting a mark on their foreheads or on their right hands. THOSE WHO TAKE THIS MARK HAVE DAMNED THEMSELVES. Without the mark, a person will be prohibited from buying or selling (the ultimate anti-Free Trade scheme 😉 ). This mark may have something to do with the actual number “666”, or, it may be an allusion to an Islamic creed. I’ve heard it both ways.

God’s final series of judgements fall, the Armies of the world gather on the plain of Megiddo, those Jews still alive finally, FINALLY acknowledge that Jesus of Nazareth is their True Messiah by saying, “Blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord”, the real Jesus marches out of the heavens with His army to the Earth, he says, “Drop dead”, the world armies then die, and the real Jesus ushers in the Davidic, Covenanted, Millenium Kingdom.

God wins, the end.


*It is not necessary to believe in the Pre-Tribulational Departure (“Rapture”)–or any rapture at all–to participate in the Pre-Tribulational Departure. All that is required is a saving faith in Jesus the Messiah. If you find yourself being raptured, don’t panic! It will quick and painless, and you will get to see, face-to-face, our Savior and Lord, in your new resurrected body that will be spiritual and likely hyperdimensional in nature. Also, you, as a true Christian, are considered by God to be part of the body of Christ, and thus not subject–legally, morally, spiritually, etc.–to God’s wrathful judgement. Win-win!

No time for nonsense

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Stop trying to argue against the Bible. There will be plenty of time after. Believe in Jesus–ask Him to rescue you from your sin and God’s just and righteous wrath. Confess that Jesus is Lord.


If you struggle to believe, ask Him to help you.


Once you have done so, read the Book of Revelation–a quick read-through first, then a slower read-through for subsequent readings.

Trump’s foreign policy

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Described here.

EyetheSpy video by Blessed to Teach

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This is interesting:


According to Neonrevolt, EyetheSpy is fake; I had never heard of this person or persons, so I cannot make any assertion regarding EyetheSpy’s veracity. At one point, he (or she) claims that the Bible is incomplete, which is incorrect. I am cautious about anyone who does not trust God or His word.

So, I was probably wrong about President Trump

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During the Election of 2016, I was appalled that Donald Trump became the Republican Party nominee. I had been a Ted Cruz supporter, and could not understand why people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity were lukewarm on Cruz, but enthusiastic about Trump. In my opinion, Trump was a jingoistic populist, at best, and a lying New York liberal, little different from H. Clinton, at worst.

Well, I was wrong about the man. He has proven to be a better President, in my opinion, than even Ted Cruz might have been. He is obviously crafty and tenacious, and relishes the fight against his political opponents–which fight he is winning, despite what the anti-Trumpers believe and hope. There is no one so silly, given all the information that is available today, than someone who asserts that President Trump is “going to prison”. It is his political opponents, including, possibly, both H. Clinton and B. Obama, who will be serving time in prison–or worse.

If what the person or persons known as “Q” and “Qanon” are saying is true, then there are some really, really sick and twisted people running things today in the U.S. and around the world. They are sometimes referred to as the”Deep State”, sometimes as “The Cabal”, and they apparently have very evil beliefs and goals.

I recommend following,, and

You could also check out and for more conventional treatment of current news.