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September 26, 2017: Roy Moore wins the Republican Party primary run-off against Luther Strange, the GOP establishment pick, for the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when he was appointed Attorney General by President Trump.

November 9, 2017: The Washington Post reports that one Leigh Corfman claims that Roy Moore sexually assaulted her when she was 14 years old.

November 13, 2017: One Beverly Nelson, accompanied by Gloria Allred, accuses Moore of having assaulted her, including attempted rape, when she was 16 years old. She provides as evidence a yearbook that Moore supposedly signed.

November 16, 2017: One Tina Johnson accused Roy Moore of having grabbed her buttocks in 1991. She was age 28 at the time.

Roy Moore denies all allegations of assault. So far, no evidence apart from the testimony of the three women has emerged that substantiates the allegations against Moore. There are other elements of rumormongering, such as that Moore was banned from the local mall for being creepy. Such rumors have been refuted by people who worked at the mall at the time, so there is little need to address them. Just be aware that, in this story, since there is so little evidence (as in “nonexistent”), then Moore’s accusers are compelled to throw every little bit of nonsense into the soup and see what floats.

What we have learned since then, is that Leigh Corfman was a troubled teen prior to meeting Moore, that custody of her was being changed from her mother to her father, and that she moved to a different town than the one in which she claims Moore assaulted her. There were about twelve days from the day of the hearing (it was a custody hearing, not a divorce hearing), which is when Moore supposedly obtained her phone number, to the date when she moved to a different town, so there was not much time for Moore to practice his “pedophiliantics” on her. Besides that, there are reports that she has accused other men of sexually assaulting her.

We have also learned that the yearbook that Nelson provided as evidence appeared to have been doctored, forged, or otherwise tampered with, since the color of the ink of Moore’s supposed signature is in different shades. The apparently faked evidence discredits the rest of her story.

We have also learned that Tina Johnson was in a custody battle with her mother for her son. She lost custody of her son to her mother. Roy Moore represented her mother in the suit. It is reasonable to assume she feels some enmity against Moore, based on his role in her losing custody of her child.

All three accusers’ stories have been compromised. They are not “credible” as so many of Roy Moore’s detractors have claimed.

There are six other women who claim that they dated Roy Moore when they were teenagers or in their twenties, and he was in his early thirties, but they do not say that he assaulted them, and instead report that he, by any reasonable estimation, acted like a gentleman. Nevertheless, they are lumped into the group of “Roy Moore’s accusers” by his detractors.


Just about every big name leftist, in the world of politics, entertainment, and journalism, has had to step down, or be fired, or endure a good ribbing, for actually and verifiably assaulting women. Multiple women, even. Matt Lauer. John Conyers. Garrison Flipping Keillor. (by the way, remember Keillor’s mean letter to Trump? It’s kind of funny, now. “You won’t get what you want.” Heh, heh.) When they attack Roy Moore, the leftist-progressives are projecting, and projecting hard.

Whatever. Leftists will be hypocrites; it’s what they were born to be. What is agitating is the supposed conservatives that have jumped on the “Roy Moore is a pedophile” bandwagon. Never mind that he has not actually been accused of sexually assaulting children. The Ben Shapiros and Mitt Romneys and Rick Wilsons and Ben Howes and Allahpundits and Jonah Goldbergs and Erick Ericksons of the world are all very much taken in by allegations made by single accusers with no corroborating witnesses or evidence. When they make the assertion that the claims against Moore are “credible”, they are revealing that they know there is not any real evidence that he actually assaulted anyone. They are basically saying, “I know there is no evidence, but I so want these allegations about Moore to be true, so I will continue to assert that the allegations are true.” If there were actual evidence, then they would say, for example, “We know these allegations are true, because we have this blue dress with some of Roy Moore’s ‘precious bodily fluids’.”

But what about the principle of “Innocent until proven guilty?”

“This is the public sphere, not a court of law!” they crow (further showing their tacit acknowledgement that evidence is lacking/nonexistent).


The murder of liberty starts in the public sphere, but they are wallowing so hard in the muck of their own willful credulity that they probably won’t realize what role they have played in their own enslavement until the point they are marched to Room 101 to have a rat cage shoved on their heads. By participating in the character assassination of an honorable man, they make themselves bearers of false witness. I almost guarantee that they will, one day, be forced to give a groveling apology to Roy Moore. It will happen either in this life, or in front of God’s throne, but it will happen.

I say “almost guarantee”, because there is a chance that Roy Moore is actually guilty of what he is accused. It is highly unlikely, but if actual evidence is produced, then I will admit I was wrong about him, and eat my humble pie. But I won’t have regrets for adhering to that very American principle of “innocent until proven guilty”.


An addendum: Mo Brooks’ name is sometimes brought up, as a write-in replacement for Roy Moore. Well, here is what Mr. Brooks had to say about the matter in a recent radio interview:

There are only two that have asserted that Roy Moore engaged in unlawful conduct. One of those is clearly a liar because that one forged the ‘Love, Roy Moore’ part of a yearbook in order to try to for whatever reason get at Roy Moore and win this seat for the Democrats, and there’s a lot more to it as to why I believe that the evidence is almost [incontrovertible] about whether the yearbook was forged.

So, now you’re down to one witness who said that Roy Moore engaged in nonconsensual sexual contact, OK? Well, that one witness’ testimony is in direct and stark contrast with that of the other seven ladies, who said that he acted like an officer and a gentleman. And you look at the preponderance of the evidence, and then you add Roy Moore’s denial, and you add his long deeply held Christian beliefs, and I just don’t think there’s any way in the world that a jury would agree with the assertions of The Washington Post and others that are trying to make us believe in the state of Alabama that we would be electing a pedophile. And I think it’s doing a great disservice to the people of Alabama and America to try to make this race about that issue when it should be about border security, and illegal aliens … and national defense.”


The fascinating stories from a year ago

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The 2016 Presidential election was a year ago, today. I remember going to bed around 9:00 (CST) thinking H. Clinton was about to win, and that the Democratic Party was about to take control of the House of Representatives, but that the Republucans would keep control of the Senate. Curiously, I did not have an emotional breakdown, or throw up, or anything, but then, again, I voted for neither Trump nor Clinton, and I had no expectation that my preferred candidate (Darryl Castle, of the Constitution Party), would win.

In any case, here is a fascinating look at election day, from both Clinton and Trump supporters.

Comrade Lincoln

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An article discussing the ties between the early Republican Party and Communism.


A theory concerning the Law Vegas shooter by John Ringo

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Author John Ringo posted the following on Facebook. Since he said this was public, and asked the reader to share, I copy-and-paste it here:

A Theory on Las Vegas
I may be the only person in the ‘pundit’ world who can put what we know about the Las Vegas shooter in perspective because I’ve dealt with something similar before. My personal take, at this point, is ‘homicidal psychotic break, rationale currently unknown, possible pharmacological.’
To debunk a few of the recent urban legends and prolapse some of the stupider arguments:
ISIS: Nothing in his electronic trail indicates any contact with ISIS despite their claims and some rumors. Nothing.
‘There were multiple shooters/he was a patsy!’: All the guns in the room were registered to Paddock. He was covered in GSR and even had burns on his hands from hot barrel/rounds.
‘He was antifa killing Republicans!’: Nothing in his electronic trail indicates the slightest political affiliation or interest. Nothing.
There weren’t even angry emails. He never posted comments. Rarely read political news. Nada.
Gambling debts! He was broke!
Paddock was a habitual hobby gambler who was the sort of person casinos hate. He would set a budget on his gambling and stick to it religiously. He also rarely lost big or won big and never let either one change his habits.
He was a perfectly normal, successful, retired accountant well-invested in real estate with very little or no recent change in demeanor or actions.
Perfectly normal guy and only a ‘loner’ to the extent he wasn’t terribly socially active. ‘Loner’ apparently means he didn’t frequent wild parties. If he had the narrative would be ‘wild party animal.’
‘Homicidal psychotic break means he couldn’t have done the planning!’
Au contraire. Deep sigh. Been here, had someone in my life nearly do if not that than similar. With their permission I will now recount a story and show why everything about this makes a terrible sort of sense to me. The story is about my lovely and extremely loving wife, Miriam, and her descent to homicidal psychotic break due to a nasty drug interaction.
My wife has had the same doctor since she was a child. Old ‘country’ doctor who is the only person who has ever been able to handle Miriam’s many oddities. A limited list:
My wife:
Has four kidneys and four ankles. (She ate the good twin.)
Was once listed as one of the top five Adult ADHD in the US and the only one who was clinically functional.
Has supremely bizarre drug interactions and thereby hangs this tale.
Miriam is a ‘limited case pharmacological phenotype.’ What does that mean? You know where on the warning label it says: ‘in rare cases may cause you to grow two heads and fly to the moon’? Miriam is ‘rare cases.’ Every single time she tries a new prescription drug (fill in reason here) she is ‘rare cases.’
This involves the ‘in rare cases’ effect of a drug called Cymbalta. Notably, as Cymbalta NOW states ‘in rare cases may cause homicidal or suicidal psychotic break. Should not be prescribed to teenagers.’ (Because it turns out in MOST cases WILL cause psychotic break in teenagers.)
Miriam was prescribed Cymbalta for ‘depression’ by her doctor in the early fall of 2007. I don’t really remember if it seemed to work or not but she remained on it. I do recall that there as a shooting (by a teenager) that December in Nebraska in a mall. And I do recall Miriam’s uncharacteristic comment.
‘He only managed to kill five people in a crowded mall at Christmas time with a pistol and three magazines? He really needed to learn how to shoot.’
My wife is extremely loving and extremely Christian. Her normal response would have been ‘That’s terrible. God bless their souls and I hope he finds peace!’ ‘I could have done better’ metaphorically was… not Miriam. I’ll admit I didn’t really notice it at the time.
Nor did I notice that over the course of the next several months (not sure when it started) we started to have a lot of ‘off-brand’ bleach around the house. Miriam is a lovely wife but cleaning is not her thing. But she also purchases in a very random manner. (Note the ADHD thing.) This did seem to be alot of bleach, though. I mentioned it a couple of times in jest. (We finally ran through all the bleach she bought in 2007-8 about a year ago. That much bleach.)
I didn’t realize there were twenty-nine more gallon bottles in the trunk of her car.
I do recall during a rather bad time (possibly around below) that ‘when she was gone’ (and it had the feeling of ‘soon’) I wouldn’t have to worry about the cats because ‘they would be coming with her.’ Miriam occasionally says odd things but that stood out. I’m more than aware of various forms of murder suicide and it was… discomforting. But… Miriam sometimes says odd things. (Used to. Far less these days for a variety of reasons. She’s gotten SANER with menopause which is… just as bizarre as everything else.)
Things around Mother’s Day got bad but they usually are. (Reasons I won’t relate.) Then at a certain point I got a call from my loving wife (GF at the time) saying she was coming home from work, early, and we needed to go to Parkridge. I wasn’t even sure what ‘Parkridge’ was.
Parkridge is one of the hospitals in the area but the specific one she mentioned was the psychiatric hospital.
I asked her on the drive over what was wrong. She didn’t want to talk about it. For various ‘privacy’ reasons I wasn’t well informed at the time. But I’ll fill in the blanks for you in ways they weren’t filled in for me.
She finally realized something was VERY wrong and checked herself in. Miriam had had a ‘homicidal psychotic break’ due to a side effect of Cymbalta. In most cases this is light and happens during the first couple of months or first month. NOW doctors are told to evaluate regularly in the first few months. THEN there was no warning. And NOBODY goes nine months. Except someone with ENORMOUS coping skills who has had to deal with madness that drove others insane on a daily basis her whole life.
(By the way, the teenager in the mall above? Guess what anti-depressant he was on? One guess and it rhymes with ‘Sin Malta’. He’d been on it a few months, prescribed right around the same time as Miriam.)
So my loving wife coped. She controlled. As she slowly went ever-loving NUTS.
The specific issue was she had ‘an uncontrollable desire to do harm to those who do harm to others.’ Notably, she’d built up a list of persons on the Megan’s (sexual predators) List and had developed very carefully constructed kill plans for each. She was tracking them and targeting them carefully. She has an extensive background in forensics and was probably going to get away with it.
Now, people may look at the targets and go ‘Well… Uhm… having a hard time with that being ‘bad’.’ But to be very clear, my wife had shifted, subtly and without warning, from sweet, Christian, Miriam to serial killer. And I do mean without ANY REAL WARNING.
I didn’t know exactly what was going on at the time. I was approached by one of the staff after a few hours sitting in a hard chair out front.
‘I understand you’re an author?’
‘Yes. What’s going on? Is Miriam okay?’ (We weren’t married at the time. Yes, I married her AFTER this, people.)
‘She’s being evaluated. But I understand you work from home? Are there frequently?’
‘Pretty much all the time.’
‘We can release her if she is under 24 hour monitoring…’
I had to sign to get her out pledging I would maintain ’24 hour monitoring.’ (Yes, I had to sign an actual release taking responsibility for the actions of an adult. They wouldn’t tell me FOR WHAT ACTIONS.)
Miriam covered the big stuff on the ride home. I didn’t get lots of detail til… years later. Details such as: Manson-like she had started to get the other patients, and even staff, to agree that her plan totally made sense in her first group therapy session. That was the real reason they were sending her home. They were afraid she was infecting the patients and staff and would form a ‘kill sexual predators’ cult.
(I guess they thought I was immune or something.)
Issues with this went on and on for months as it slowly leached from her system.
But let me relate it to Las Vegas.
Most people think of ‘homicidal break’ as someone suddenly ‘grabbing a letter opener and carving their way out of Cost Accountancy and into forensic history.’ (H/t: the late Sir Terry Pratchett.)
That’s not, generally, how it works. How much planning and preparation a person does depends upon how rapid the onset is (months in Miriam’s case) and how good they are at planning and preparation. (Both Miriam and Paddock were planners. He was an accountant and multi-millionaire.)
So look at the story above and break it down:
Relatively normal person, perhaps a bit odd, has minor changes in behavior that no-one in their close circle really notices.
He/she is a methodical person with an agenda. Other people who’ve done mass kills simply did not do it right. He/she is going to do it right. He knows they hold concerts by the Mandalay. That’s the perfect venue for the most kills.
Suddenly they’re a mass killer for no apparent reason.
That was what WAS going to happen with my wife.
So, Paddock doesn’t really surprise me. I’ve seen it before.
My guess is it will be doctors who figure it out. And if they do they’ll find he either was having a bad drug reaction (in which case nobody will admit nothin’ just as they’ve never admitted it was Cymbalta that caused the Westroads Mall Shooting) or neurological degeneration of some sort. (A tumor caused the University of Texas ‘Bell Tower’ shooting.) If pharmacological, the drug doesn’t even have to be a definitively ‘psychotropic’ drug. Many drugs these days from heart medicine to anti-malarials have some psychotropic effect.
(If this had anything to do with a drug reaction, any drug of any type, I hope the survivors sue the shit out of the drug manufacturer. Because most of these recent ‘crazy’ mass kills, going all the way back to the ‘postal worker’ epidemic (overdosage of Prozac) and Columbine (both kids were hopped to their gills on prescription anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs), have had SOMETHING to do with psychotropic drugs pushed by drug companies. Many of the murder/suicides of returning military personnel were closely linked to an anti-malarial. And nobody seems to be willing to speak truth to power on the subject. Just writing this post will probably get me sued.)
The only lesson to take from this is ‘keep an eye on your loved ones especially if they have ANY changes in prescription.’ Doesn’t matter if it’s heart medication. Keep an eye on their personality as well as health.
Homicidal break does not always happen quickly. Sometimes it creeps in like the fog on cats feet. It is only at the last that the cackle of madness is heard. By then it is too late.
May God rest all their souls and let them find peace.
(This is public. Please share.)

The practical results of Marriage redefinition

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So many here in the United States enthusiastically supported the Supreme Court’s decision to “legalize” so-called “marriage equality”. They either did not expect or did not care that legally changing the definition of marriage would result in social upheaval. Here is what is going on in Great Britain following their own rejection of definitional marriage.

I imagine that persecuting faithful Christians, Jews, and Muslims is a feature, not a bug, to those who want to impose their version of Newspeak with regard to marriage and sexuality. I even expect, eventually, that laws will be passed to seize the children of religious people, to “protect” the children from their parent’s “bigotry”.

My message to those proponents of marriage redefinition (and gender redefinition, etc.): you will win on this issue, in the short term. Longer term, though, will see your devilry utterly crushed. Not a threat, not a promise, just an observation. Your only hope is to repent of your unbelief, and call on the name of Jesus Christ. His sacrificial death on the cross paid for your sin–and sins–and you do not have to experience God’s holy wrath. I don’t think you have much time, either. Soon, the Church will be gone, and your slim hope for salvation will most likely be through martyrdom.

I’ve been listening to Chuck Missler’s series on the Book of Revelation, and it’s been quite encouraging. I’m not sure I agree with everything he says, but his lectures line up with my own understanding of Scripture, and so I am enjoying them.


A message to some students of Oxford University

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Kid Snippets

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These are some clever videos of adults acting out recordings of children playing/conversing:

My wife’s favorite: Math Class

My favorite (so far): Fast Food Drive Through