Trump’s foreign policy

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Described here.


EyetheSpy video by Blessed to Teach

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This is interesting:


According to Neonrevolt, EyetheSpy is fake; I had never heard of this person or persons, so I cannot make any assertion regarding EyetheSpy’s veracity. At one point, he (or she) claims that the Bible is incomplete, which is incorrect. I am cautious about anyone who does not trust God or His word.

So, I was probably wrong about President Trump

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During the Election of 2016, I was appalled that Donald Trump became the Republican Party nominee. I had been a Ted Cruz supporter, and could not understand why people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity were lukewarm on Cruz, but enthusiastic about Trump. In my opinion, Trump was a jingoistic populist, at best, and a lying New York liberal, little different from H. Clinton, at worst.

Well, I was wrong about the man. He has proven to be a better President, in my opinion, than even Ted Cruz might have been. He is obviously crafty and tenacious, and relishes the fight against his political opponents–which fight he is winning, despite what the anti-Trumpers believe and hope. There is no one so silly, given all the information that is available today, than someone who asserts that President Trump is “going to prison”. It is his political opponents, including, possibly, both H. Clinton and B. Obama, who will be serving time in prison–or worse.

If what the person or persons known as “Q” and “Qanon” are saying is true, then there are some really, really sick and twisted people running things today in the U.S. and around the world. They are sometimes referred to as the”Deep State”, sometimes as “The Cabal”, and they apparently have very evil beliefs and goals.

I recommend following,, and

You could also check out and for more conventional treatment of current news.

Dreams and visions

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I posted this over on a few minutes ago:

Telling your dream stories isn’t something you are supposed to do, I know; your dreams are stupid and boring to other people. But, last night, I had a vivid dream; I was at some public forum, and it was night time. I looked out, and saw a mushroom cloud in the distance. It rose 3 or 4 miles in the air, was red-orange, flecked with yellow.

It was captivating and terrifying. Everyone scrambled for cover, and we wondered aloud how far away it was. There was a second blast that shook the building.

The dream shifted, and I was part of a large group of people–hundreds–migrating on foot to the hinterlands, to escape the nuclear attacks.

I was frantically working to keep my family together, to keep us from being separated by the crowds. We had phones and radios that still worked, somehow, and the news reported that the govt was declaring that the attacks weren’t “that bad”.

Meanwhile, we could see that more nuclear strikes were occurring in the distance.

It was just a dream. I am not a prophet; I do not have visions of the future.

I do have a Book that describes what is going to happen, at some point. I think we are close to that point these days. Are you ready for it?

I don’t mean, “do you have a fully-stocked bunker ready?” I mean, is your soul ready?

Most people will not survive what is coming. I wonder if even ten percent of the world’s population survives the righteous judgements of God. It will come a time when martyr’s death is the only safe route for most people to escape God’s wrath.

A few people will survive the horrors that are coming, and will enter God’s Kingdom on earth before physically dying. Most who enter the kingdom will do so as resurrected saints–not a bad thing! But, they will have suffered for their redemption.

It isn’t necessary. God provided a way to escape His wrath that will be poured on the earth. Repent of unbelief; turn to Jesus the Messiah for salvation. 1 Corinthians 15. Declare faith in Him. He has made all arrangements, He already paid the bill. Salvation is a free gift from Him. You will be spared God’s judgement, and will be a co-ruler in His kingdom.


Trump Tower and Trump’s lawyer

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Saturday, April 7, there was a fire at Trump Tower.

From a New York Times article:

Dennis Shields, a resident who said he lived on the 42nd floor, described the scene.

“You could smell the smoke and you could hear things falling like through the vents,” he said. “It just smelled like sulfur.”

He said there were no orders to evacuate but he received a text message from Mr. Trump’s lawyer, Michael D. Cohen.

Mr. Shields, who said he grew up with Mr. Cohen, continued: “He said, ‘Are you in the building?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘You better get out ASAP.’ That’s how I knew to get out, otherwise I’d still be in there.”’

Monday, April 9, there was an FBI raid on the offices, home, and hotel room of Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer.

From a Washington Post article: ”

FBI agents on Monday raided Cohen’s Manhattan office, home and hotel room as part of the investigation, seizing records about Cohen’s clients and personal finances. Among the records taken were those related to a 2016 payment Cohen made to adult-film star Stormy Daniels, who claims to have had a sexual encounter with Trump, according to a fourth person familiar with the investigation.

Investigators took Cohen’s computer, phone and personal financial records, including tax returns, as part of the search of his office at Rockefeller Center, that person said.


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Trump announced a few days ago that he was planning on withdrawing troops from Syria.

Then, a few days later, there was an attack in Syria, supposedly involving chemical weapons.

Now Trump announces he plans on ordering some retaliationage against Syria.


Or, will he?

Capital mobility and Trade

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Article on Cafe Hayek.

An excerpt:

“There are only two ways for international factor mobility to deprive a country—call it ‘Ricardia’—of all comparative advantage and, hence, deny that country the opportunity to gain from specialization and trade with people in other countries. Both of these ways are extraordinarily unlikely; they are the equivalent of a single monkey banging on a typewriter and by chance typing Hamlet.

One way is when factor mobility causes an international reshuffling of factors of production that results in every country in the world having the same internal costs as Ricardia of producing each and every good and service. If such a outcome were to emerge, it would indeed be true that factor mobility eliminated all comparative ad- vantage (and comparative disadvantage) for Ricardia with respect to every other country in the world. Also, all potential gains to the people of Ricardian from international specialization and trade would be eliminated. (Comparative advantage will continue to drive specialization and trade within Ricardia.) There will be no international trade for Ricardia’s government to prevent or to regulate.”

Another excerpt:

For Advantia’s “absolute” advantage to render the principle of comparative advantage inapplicable to international trade, literally all factors of production—or, at least, all people—must move to Advantia. If even a single person remains in a country other than Advantia, then this person will almost certainly enjoy a comparative advantage at producing some quantity of some good or service over the people of Advantia, and mutually advantageous international trade will therefore be possible.

And another:

Whether or not international capital mobility impoverishes or enriches workers depends on why capital migrates. Higher taxes, more burdensome regulations, and a long list of other such investment-discouraging policies would reduce the size of America’s capital stock and make Americans poorer. If such policies are sufficiently harsh, the resulting exodus of capital (either through migration or depreciation or both) might well be massive. But capital can migrate to other countries for perfectly healthy reasons—for example, if other countries improve their own investment climates. Such healthy migrations are unlikely to diminish the size of America’s capital stock.

Another article