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A New Candidate for Shakespearean Authorship

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Amelia Bassano has been put forward as the authoress of Shakespeare’s plays.

The article linked derides the idea, as well as the idea that anyone other than William Shaksper of Stratford-upon-Avon could be the author of the works that bears Shakespeare’s name. I would suspect, though, that we have a greater sample of Ms. Bassano’s actual handwriting (correspondence, handwritten poems, jotted notes on scratch paper) than we do of William Shaksper.

Here is on the matter, for what it’s worth.

And here is a dramatic presentation of American author Mark Twain concerning Shakespearean authorship (which I have posted on this blog previously).

On Zeitgeist

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Read about it here.

Not much to say

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Not much going on.

Trump’s still the President. I must say, my expectations had been so low, that some of the stuff he’s done has been a pleasant surprise. He seems to have dealt a blow to the Affordable Care Act, which is good for Americans. If he would push for a truly free market in medical services, then it would be even better.

Health insurance is a horrible method for financing medical services, since neither the provider nor the direct consumer has incentive to keep costs low.

In addition, the government’s intervention into the medical services market only drives up prices and reduces quality. For instance, it is a government rule in some states that a new hospital cannot be built without providing a “certificate of need”, or some such nonsense. What it boils down to is that hospitals that are already present can veto a new facility’s construction. This limit on competition drives up prices and decreases the quality of the service.

President Trump talks about cutting regulation. I endorse that sentiment, but I’m afraid that what will happen is that somehow the regulatory burden will be increased.

President Trump is also still harping on making “good trade deals”. Well, the only thing he needs to do is to get out of Americans’ way, and let the private firms and individuals make whatever trade deals they deem necessary.

From Foodforthethinkers’ Blog

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Should a Christian vote for the “lesser evil”?


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If the Trumpspawn can let the “Sen. Cruz’s dad helped assassinate JFK” story slide, then I feel no compulsion in refraining from posting this, potentially true, story.

It’s  from the Huffington Post, for what it’s worth.

Update: the plaintiff withdrew her suit a few days before the election.



Donald Trump is desperate to lose the GOP nomination

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I’ve wondered for awhile if Donald Trump’s run for the Republican Presidential nomination was a publicity stunt that turned out to be far more successful than he expected.

Other people are now wondering the same thing.

If he wins the nomination, then he has to go into the General Election in a state of extreme unpreparedness. He has already begun shutting down his election machines in various states (such as Florida, an important swing-state). Why would he do that if he expects to get the nomination? I think he kept saying ever more outrageous things, trying to disqualify himself (politically speaking), but each new extreme statement, he discovered, resonated even more with the Trumpalumpas, because they want someone who will fight against the Politically Correct Forces of Evil, and no one else seems to have the stomach for such a fight.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is doing the normal work of electioneering–working the system (according to the rules!), meeting with people, building an organization for the purpose of winning the Presidency. In comparison, Trump seems astonishingly incompetent.

Ted Cruz’s Supreme Court Appearances

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He won two cases, lost four of them, and sorta-kinda won three of them.