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Eduardo Antonello

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I’m quickly becoming a fanboy:


This is a tune he composed himself, but he does a lot of Renaissance/Baroque music on his channel “Early Music in a different way”.

History Revisionism

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Over at

An article on same-sex couples

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Interesting stuff.

The question as posed: “Are same-sex couples just like you?” (“You” meaning heterosexual couples).

My answer: “Only if they can have children through sexual intercourse.  Oh, wait; they can’t even have sexual intercourse (whether it’s a male or a female couple being considered).  The best they can manage is mutual masturbation sessions.”

Shaxper != Shakespeare

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10 Reasons

On Ayn Rand

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Ultimately, Rand’s egoism is irreconcilable with both Christianity and capitalism. In fact, since the system fails to have any true explanatory value, it’s difficult to find any reason to adopt Objectivism at all. Fortunately, we don’t have to buy into Rand’s philosophical errors in order to appreciate her fiction. We just have to keep in mind that instead of reading a “novel of ideas”, we are reading a work of fantasy.

Nye & Miller vs. McElroy & Purdom…on Al Jazeera!

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Nye also responded to me trying to discredit the definition of historical science by saying that he believed in the Civil War, Newton, and Galileo even though he wasn’t there to observe them. I didn’t get to respond because we were out of time. Here’s what I would have said: “How do you know about the Civil War, Newton, and Galileo? You depend on eyewitness accounts of the people themselves or people who witnessed the events to help you know the truth about the past. So why not do the same when it comes to earth’s history and believe in the eyewitness account of the Creator God written for us in Scripture? In the scheme of billions of years of the earth’s and universe’s history, there were no modern humans on the scene until a couple hundred thousand years ago. You need to realize that everything you think about most of this history is based on nothing more than unverifiable assumptions and imagination and not eyewitness accounts.”

Anarchy in the Aachen

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Just putting this here so that I don’t lose it again.


“Can a community without a central government avoid descending into chaos and rampant criminality? Can its economy grow and thrive without the intervening regulatory hand of the state? Can its disputes be settled without a monopoly on legal judgments? If the strange and little-known case of the condominum of Moresnet — a wedge of disputed territory in northwestern Europe, and arguably Europe’s counterpart to America’s so-called Wild West — acts as our guide, we must conclude that statelessness is not only possible but beneficial to progress, carrying profound advantages over coercive bureaucracies.”


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