The Number of the Beast

The Beast (of Revelation) is predicted to have a “number” which the False Prophet will require people to permanently brand to either their right hands or their foreheads, in order to conduct trade.

This is described as, “the number of his [the Beast’s] name,” and may be connected somehow to “the number of a man”, which is stated to be “666”.

It may, rather, be some sort of allusion to the Muslim god Allah.

Whatever it is, the Number of the Beast is an identifier that the one who has branded himself thus is a worshipper of the Beast. He’s “all in”, has rejected the Gospel of the Kingdom that was preached to the whole world by an angel, and has willingly embraced the lie that the Beast will somehow win over the Infinite and Omnipotent Creator.

One who is branded with the Brady’s number/symbol/name will have no chance for redemption. It will be better to be tortured and killed than to take that mark.


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