Science Denial 101

This is derived from something I wrote on Twitter. It includes ideas that I have discussed on this blog before.

It doesn’t matter if the leftist-progressives are hypocrites when it comes to “man-made climate change”, if climate change is true. Their hypocrisy, however, shows that they do not actually believe in “man-made climate change”.

It’s no good shouting “Science Denier!”, when by your actions you also deny “Climate Change”. There are people who are true believers in the idea that man’s activities are causing drastic changes in the earth’s climate, and which outweigh such natural phenomena as the Sun, but there are many, many people who only promote the “Climate Change” theory for personal gain.

Included in this latter group are extremely wealthy people who like to lecture others about “Carbon footprints” and “renewable energy”, but who are not themselves willing to forgo even a little of their luxurious comforts to “save the environment”. I am describing people like Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Hillary Clinton (these people are usually leftist-progressives, for some reason). They live in extravagantly large homes, have multiple automobiles, fly in private jets around the world AND I AM HAPPY FOR THEM!!! “The prettiest sight in this fine, pretty world is the privileged class enjoying its privileges.” ~McCauley Conner, from The Philadelphia Story.

I would like to be wealthy, too, and enjoy such luxury; I made other choices. But I digress.

The problem with people like Al Gore, DiCaprio, and their ilk is that they cannot be content with being wealthy. They suffer from a strange form of narcissism, which prevents them from enjoying their “privileges” if they think that too many other people have access to said privileges. It’s not enough to enjoy a big bowl of ice cream if the guy at the next table is also enjoying a bowl of ice cream. As an aside, the agitation that some in the media showed at President Trump getting “two scoops of ice cream” when everyone else only got one scoop is strange when considering their disinterest in the size of Al Gore’s house. Anyway, these wealthy narcissists seem to have a primal need to be seen as a “Very Important Person”. It is life and breath to them. One of the marks of the VIP is that he enjoys stuff that most people can’t–the luxury hotel room, the SUV limousine, the private jet–even though using these things create an outsized “carbon footprint”. THEY get to enjoy these things because they’re Important People. Again, I do not begrudge them their lifestyle; I wish (sometimes) that I moved in the same strata. I would not, however, work to keep other people out.

This need for being perceived as aristocracy explains, I think, their opposition to Free Market Capitalism. Capitalism does a tremendous job in raising people from poverty, and further, satisfying wants as well as needs. Capitalism commodifies luxuries, and the Wealthy Narcissist VIPs hate that. So, they try to circumvent the benefits of the Free Market through government regulation–with this “Paris Climate Agreement” being a fine example.

The U.S. doesn’t need an international treaty to lower its “Carbon Emissions” or CO2, or whatever it’s supposed to do to “save the environment”. The nation can, and has, lowered it’s pollution levels dramatically over the past few decades. Treaties, such as the Paris one, are there, not to do anything about man-made climate change, but to rig the system against those who might benefit from Capitalism. The treaty is there to provide cover to the Wealthy Narcissists who want to make themselves seem important by destroying people’s livelihoods and the ability to acquire a modicum of economic comfort.

“No, no; you can’t enjoy the things I enjoy. It’s the law! Now shut up, and eat your beans. After you watch me eat this steak.”


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