President Trump pulls the plug

President Trump announced a few minutes ago that he is pulling the U.S.A. out of the Paris Climate Treaty/Accords/Agreement. I don’t know, or care, about his reasoning for doing so. He reportedly is saying that he wants to work out “a better deal”. Good luck with that, Mr. President. You’re golden if you just leave things the way they are, now that you’ve exited the US from this miserable “treaty”, in which global governments are charged with the task of DENYING FOOD TO PLANTS. Seriously, that’s what CO2 is: plant food. More food for plants means more plants, which means more food for plant-eating organisms.

Of course, the purpose of the Paris Treat/Agreement/Accords has nothing to do with protecting the environment, and everything to do with increasing the power of governments. As I have said before, the people in power, like former President Obama and his $8 million home, cannot enjoy wealth unless they know that other people cannot. That delicious ice cream cone turns to ash in their mouths as soon as they see one of the “hoi polloi” enjoying one, too. They’re sociopathic like that.

There’s a lot of talk on Twitter about how America has now abandoned it’s “leadership role” in the world. Nonsense. Staying in the Paris Treaty would not have demonstrated U.S. leadership; the treaty is designed to bend the U.S. over and give every other nation in the world the opportunity to give it a spanking.

This is a good thing that President Trump has done, and, while I still don’t consider myself a Trump supporter, and will oppose him where he is wrong (Free Trade), I am happy to have him make good decisions like this.


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