Stuff Going On — 05/31/2017

President Trump plans to send U.S. arms to Kurdish fighters in Syria. The Turks are not happy, because they claim that these Kurds are terrorist separatists, but this is something that even President Obama promised to do. Trump is actually doing it.

President Trump is also planning to pull out of the Paris Agreement on Climate change. Even though I am not a Trump supporter, I am happily in agreement with this decision. The Earth is about to enter a cooling phase, anyway, due to the cycle of the Sun, and there’s nothing that world-spanning legislation can do about it. Here is Erick Erickson on this story.

♥ Somebody at CNN named Kathy Griffon did a little skit in which she chopped off President Trump’s head. Likely you’ve seen the gruesome pictures plastered all over the news sites. Whatever; leftists are inherently violent and hate-filled, and they will excuse themselves for this unacceptable performance “art”. However, there are consequences; Kathy should expect a visit from the Secret Service (if she hasn’t already had one), and CNN has lost its first advertiser — ADT.

Aside from all that, however, antics like this can affect people in a real and unfortunate way. It turns out Barron Trump, the President’s son, saw the image, and thought that something terrible actually happened. Way to go, Griffin, you freak.

John Stossel discusses the refusal of socialists to accept the real-world failures of actual socialism.


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