Free Trade IS the Free Market

If you meet someone, anyone, who says they support capitalism, but do not support Free Trade, then understand that that person does not support capitalism at all. People who hate Free Trade hate the Free Market, and Capitalism, because they do not truly accept the principle of private property. They want a say in how another disposes of his income, backed up by the threat of violence. Eventually, you will find that their desire for government intervention in trade leads them to the conclusion that the government needs to intervene in all sorts of other economic (and non-economic) activities, up to and including advocating communism. They lack the capacity to grasp that much of the ill effects they attribute to freedom is actually due to the very government intervention for which they pine. History has numerous examples that the Free Market/Free Trade works, and communism/government intervention doesn’t.

And, yes, support for Free Trade needs to be unconditional.

Be also wary of people who fear immigrants “stealing their jobs”, or “destroying the culture”, or whatever immigrants are supposed to be doing, more than they fear a government powerful enough to legally starve their children while they watch helplessly. It is an inexcusable stupidity on their part.

Anyone who invites more government intervention into his life to protect him from potential threats is like someone who invites a serial killer to move in to protect against possible burglars.


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