Stuff Going On — 05/30/2017

♠ According to the Fourth Circuit Court, if your intentions are bad, it’s illegal , even if it would otherwise be legal. From what I can see, there are many, many people on the American left who imagine themselves as Schindler; as the guy who stood up to the Nazis, and who further imagine that history books will detail their heroic struggles against the oppressive regime that is Trump.

In the meantime, they seek to oppress people who believe in God, Family, and the Free Market–to the point of destroying their livelihoods, even.

♣ The anonymous sources of the New York Times and the Washington Post must surely hate those publications. As it turns out, the story that Kushner requested a backdoor channel with the Russians was reported almost exactly backwards. The Russians asked Kushner about establishing a back-door channel, on the narrow issue of What to Do About Syria. So, why did the NYT and the WaPo report it the way they did? It has been reported breathlessly that the U.S. Intelligence Community were monitoring the Russian Ambassador’s communications with Moscow, and that they heard the RussAmb tell his bosses that Kushner asked for a back door channel using the Russian Embassy’s secure communications equipment.

Well, if the USIC could monitor it, then the Russian Embassy’s communications weren’t that secure, were they?

Anyway, why would this detail (about a reported conversation between the RussAmb and Moscow) be considered so credible that people would push for Kusnher’s push (out of the White House)? Couldn’t the RussAmb have been lying?

The way I imagine it:

Russian Ambassador Sergey: “I’m not sure that our communications here at the Russian Embassy are secure, Comrade. The American Intelligence Community, or the AMI, as I prefer to call it, may be listening in on my phone calls back to Moscow.”

Gorbachev: “That would be a serious problem, Russian Ambassador Sergei–”

Russian Ambassador Sergey: “It’s Sergey”

Gorbachev: “Oh! So it is! My mistake, Comrade!” *They both laugh uproariously* “Anyway, it would be a serious problem, but how could we tell? Wait! I have an idea: Call Mother Russia, and say something outlandish and untrue, and then, if it is reported in the Capitalist American Press, we will know if the Embassy’s communications equipment is truly secure, or not.”

Russian Ambassador Sergey: “A brilliant idea, Comrade! But, what do I say?”

Gorbachev: “I suggest you say something like: ‘I’m wearing ladies underwear’.”

Russian Ambassador Sergey: “While that would, indeed, be outlandish, Comrade, it would not be untrue!” *Pause for a beat* *Both laugh uproariously* “I know what I’ll say; when I was in discussion with the Capitalist Pig-Dog Jared Kushner, I asked him if he would like to establish a back-door channel with Mother Russia, to discuss things. I will just call God-Emperor Putin, and tell him that KUSHNER asked ME about such an arrangement.”

Gorbachev: “I like it, Comrade! It has the advantage of feeding into the Capitalist American Media’s false narrative that the Trump Administration had unbreakable ties with Father Russia!”

Russian Ambassador Sergey: “I thought it was ‘Mother Russia’?”

Gorbachev: “Russia has decided it is ‘Transgender’.” *Pause* *Both laugh uproariously*.

The above is as realistic as this:

Jared Kushner: “Russian Ambassador Sergey: I propose that we establish a secret communications link using your super, secret, secure Russian Embassy communications equipment, so that I CAN BETRAY AMERICA!!!! HA!HA!HA!HA!” *wrings hands and slurps up a string of saliva*

Russian Ambassador Sergey: “Um. No.”

♥ Ann Coulter can rest easy; that wall is being built. Trump is playing 3d Monopoly, where everyone is focused on whether he’s going to land on the Hotel’d Boardwalk and Park Place, while he’s steadily acquiring all the railroads, the utilities, and building houses on the Orange Properties.

Women are leaving the workforce. I blame the government, naturally. I think, also, that women are realizing that being a man means you’re not being a woman, although, with the whole “transgender issue”, I could be wrong.


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