White House Leakers identified?

I just saw this a few minutes ago: the leakers in the White House may have been identified, and are in danger of being fired.

Here is the zerohedge story, if you don’t want to watch the video in the link above.

As an aside, I still don’t know that Jared Kushner did what is being claimed (that he asked the Russian Ambassador if the Trump transition team–or, possibly, the Trump administration–could use the Russian embassy’s communications equipment to set up a “backdoor channel” to discuss things with the Russian government. If he is, then he will likely be thrown out by the scruff of his neck. President Trump HATES being made to look stupid, or incompetent, and I doubt that being the husband of Trump’s favorite daughter will protect him from the President’s wrath.

Good riddance, really, if Jared gets the boot. He (and his wife, Ivanka) are leftist-liberals, and their access to the President is troubling for anyone who cares about American liberty. Ivanka has all these great ideas that involve having the FedGov interfere in the marketplace and increase gubmint spending. Not a formula for success.


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