Stuff Going On — 05/25/2017

♠ Scott Adams (creator of the “Dilbert” comic strip) considers President Trump’s calling terrorists “losers” to be a genius master persuader technique.

♣ The Congressional Budget Office reports that the “TrumpCare” replacement of Obamacare, if passed, will result in 23 million people losing their health insurance. Oh, but the deficit will be reduced by $119 billion, over ten years. We can trust the CBO’s reporting on stuff like this, since their predictions concerning the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) were so correct. Said the liar.

♥ Two Portlandian entrepreneurs go on a visit to Mexico, figure out the recipe for tortillas from a restaurant they visited, return to Portland, and proceed to drive the restaurant in Mexico out of business by opening a taco truck in Portland. No, really; that’s what was totally going to happen, until some brave Social Justice Warriors stood athwart history yelling, “Boo!”

♦ No, I wasn’t familiar with “FAANGS”, but that is interesting. Anyway, is the sky falling? Is the Trump economy on the precipice of unmitigated and unimagined disaster?


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