Stuff Going On — 05/22/2017

President Trump arrives in Israel. He and Israeli President Netanyahu seem to be glad to see one another.

A story about the Seth Rich — WikiLeaks connections that is interesting, if true. This is the story last week that the right-wing news sites and blogs were trying to use to drown out the Trump-Russia-Comey story. The Seth Rich story was proclaimed by the Legacy Media to be #FakeNews, and ignored.

Researchers have grown human blood stem cells in the laboratory. And thus falls another argument for antepartum infanticide: “If we don’t kill the babies, we won’t cure diseases!” Also: blood drives won’t be quite as necessary.

♦ A few years ago, I was discussing the oil situation with someone; the news was reporting that OPEC was increasing production, and the person with whom I was conversing asserted that OPEC was trying to drive U.S. oil companies out of business by driving the price below the point at which U.S. oil companies could produce oil profitably. Well, if that was so, the tactic hasn’t worked. Efficiencies and technologies developed by U.S. fracking operations has allowed U.S. oil companies to remain profitable even at and below $50 a barrel.

Here is another story concerning oil. I believe that it was instapundit that noted the power shift in the world as a result of perpetually “cheap” oil.


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