Stuff Going On — 05/20/2017

Donald Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis seem to like him better than they liked Pres. Obama, even though Obama bowed to the prince, and Trump didn’t. Trump is moving away from the Iranophilic stance of Obama, which heartens the Saudis, who view Iran as their mortal frenemy.

The problem with “Net Neutrality”. Pro-Statists ascribe to liberty the problems that are exclusively caused by Statism.

Why birth rates are low, anymore. One reason why, at least. I did not read the entire article (yet), but there is also the factor of wealthy people being extremely self-centered. A child is a serious hindrance to the fast lane party life.

Why won’t socialists defend actual socialism? The dream of economic equality always devolves into hideous nightmare. The attractiveness of socialism is two-fold: the promise of getting free stuff, and the emotional satisfaction of seeing someone else (in this case, “the rich”) being torn down.


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