Stuff Going On — 05/11/2017

Infant deaths and malaria cases on the rise in Venezuela. I don’t understand why people can’t see the severe problems caused by socialism/communism. The evil and irrational fear of the Free Market destroys lives.

Comey’s firing could result in the FBI revisiting the Clinton email investigation. The leftists who had been complaining about Comey–and calling for his ouster!–may have suddenly realized this, which is why they are becoming so insistent that Trump be excoriated for firing Comey.

President Trump, wordsmith. He claimed that he invented the phrase, “Priming the Pump”. For the record, I have no proof that he didn’t. Not right now, anyway, although someone could argue that the phrase’s use prior to his birth might cast some doubt on his claim.

This happens on President Trump’s watch, but he can hardly be credited for the rise in manufacturing jobs or the drop in unemployment. The economy doesn’t turn on a dime. Expect to see discussion concerning inflation in the near future, though, and the Federal Reserve’s ratcheting up the interest rates.


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