Stuff Going On — 05/10/2017

♠ The big news isn’t that President Trump fired FBI Director Comey; the big news is which narrative will be accepted by the public. Narrative One says that Pres. Trump, disgusted with the amateur and incompetent antics of James Comey in his handling of the Clinton email investigation, finally fired the guy. Narrative Two says that Pres. Trump, fearful of his ties to Russia being investigated, fired Comey to head off any such investigation before the Truth™ is discovered, with the result that Trump is impeached and removed from office (and probably VP Pence, as well) before the first year of his administration is finished.

The media’s problem is that, even if Narrative Two is spot on accurate, they have a credibility problem with the public. They’ve spent too much time telling the public how dumb, ignorant, and evil they are; this killed their capacity to gain the same public’s ear when they have a story that would be important to broadcast.

Note that, in the Politico article I linked, there are many bald assertions about what Trump felt and what he was doing and what his goals were with regard to Comey’s dismissal, all sourced to unnamed “advisors” and “Senior officials”. All pretty convincing, unless, of course, one is predisposed to think of news outlets like Politico to be subpar dispensers of Truth™.

Former President Obama has to break a few eggs to make an environmental omelet. This is part of the culture of people committed to socialism and communism–of which the “climate change” movement is now an integral part. The point of socialism/communism/climate changism isn’t to “make everyone equal” and “bring justice to the oppressed” and “share the wealth”; the point of it all is to make everyone poor, so that those at the top can enjoy luxuries. People like former President Obama just cannot enjoy a good wine, or a nice steak dinner, if they know that the “lesser” people of the world–thanks to the free market–can enjoy the same things. It tastes so much sweeter to people of his ilk if he knows he can enjoy something that is denied to millions and billions of others.

The greediest, most grasping businessman who makes his living in the marketplace has an incentive to make his customers better off–because then they can purchase more of the goods and services he has to offer. The Michael Milkens of the world are more noble by far than the FDRs.

President Trump decides not to move the U.S. Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Shouldn’t be surprising; he’s not following through with several of his campaign promises (which is a good thing, in some cases).

President Trump promises to soak up all those pesky dollars available for loans. Now, businesses and investors don’t have to worry about finding the funds for their investments, because they won’t be there.


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