Pres. Trump fires FBI Director Comey

Here is’s take on the story.

There is an idea floating around on Twitter and elsewhere that President Trump fired Comey to shut down an investigation into the ties between the Trump presidential campaign and the Russian government. Cue the comparisons between Trump and Nixon.

I don’t think that Trump thinks along those lines, though. He is a “celebrity”, not a politician; otherwise, he would have hesitated to fire Comey, or ask for his resignation, or something. Maybe leak pictures of Comey cavorting with whores of Babylon (everyone who goes to D.C. gets pictures of themselves cavorting with whores of Babylon; it’s kind of a thing).

I think, rather, that what Trump is doing is whacking someone who made him “look stupid”. It’s his M.O. in situations such as this, where he looks naïve for trusting the wrong people. Paul Manafort turned out to have ties to the Russian mob; Trump kicked him out the door without so much as a “thank you”. Michael Flynn “lied” to V.P. Pence, and so was given the boot. Now, FBI Director Comey recently claimed that Huma Abedin forwarded “hundreds and thousands” of emails from Hillary’s server to her husband, Anthony Wiener. This is an extremely serious accusation, which would tend to help Trump, who argued during the campaign that Hillary was unfit to be President because she was unscrupulous about handling state information. It turned out the Comey exaggerated. Trump fired him as a result. I don’t think it’s any more complicated than that.

UPDATE: Well, it could be a little more complicated, perhaps. One of the early commenters to the Hotair article linked above speculates that James Comey was the source of the FBI leaks, and that Pres. Trump waited until Comey was out of town to fire him, so that he (Comey) couldn’t destroy evidence.

Also, here is an article published in the New Yorker last October about something similar.


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