Stuff Going On — 05/05/2017

The former French Socialist Party member who created his own political party is in the lead in the race for President of France against his French Nationalist rival. He will win, of course, because the polls are never wrong, manipulated, misinterpreted, etc., etc., etc…

Man charges into a restaurant, shoots the manager, then is shot himself by a patron. The news report describes the second fellow as a “Good Samaritan”, but I think “Heroic Defender” is a more apt description. Who can say how many other lives he saved? Prayers for the family of the restaurant manager.

President Trump signed an executive order that had something to do with religious liberty, kinda sorta…

There were over 200,000 jobs created in the U.S. of A. in April. Cue Mr. Wenzel’s taunting of the “Austrian Lites”.


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