Stuff Going On — 05/04/2017

The fruits of socialism are being harvested in Venezuela.

President Obama endorses former Socialist, now centrist Emmanuel Macron for President of France. Of course, he does.

♥ All we have to do is invent a light-speed capable transport vehicle. I’m certain that Mr. Hawking is already working on that. Also, there are a plethora of earth-sized planets in the “golden zone” orbiting a star that is similar to our sun. Should be easy. Something interesting: Mr. Hawkings lists “nukular annihilation” as one of the problems humanity faces that requires emigration from earth. Um, isn’t that a problem that we would carry with us? I’m pretty sure Nukes aren’t a naturally occurring phenomenon.

Would you shop for groceries online? How much extra would you be willing to pay for delivery of the groceries you purchased on a website?



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