Stuff Going On — 05/02/2017

The GOP Congress validates my decision to never vote for another Republican. I assume they would argue that the left-leaning members of the party could not abide a truly conservative budget, but that means that the supposedly conservative members of the party will go along with a left-wing progressive budget. Sad!

One fellow’s observation of the start of a riot. He mentions some tell-tale signs that a riot is coming to your community.

Something, something stare into the Abyss, and it stares into you, and you say “I do.”

The U.S. Economy. It grew 4.5% during the last 6 Reagan years, 3.9% in the last 6 Clinton years, 2% during W’s years (the article doesn’t say last 6 years), and 1% in “the Obama years” (again, not the last 6).


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