Stuff Going On — 4/29/2017

♠ I’m not interested in what’s going on in North Korea–really, I’m not. But the plucky little murderous regime keeps doing interesting things, like overpromising and underdelivering on its missile capabilities.

There is a measles outbreak in Minnesota. The children of Somali immigrants hardest hit. According to the report, the Somalis stopped having their children get the MMR vaccine after an increase in the number of Somali children who were diagnosed with autism. Note that it is the non-vaccinated Somali children who are getting the measles.

♥ Speaking of the Measles Vaccine: it was introduced in 1963, the same year that President Kennedy was assassinated. Coincidence? WAKE UP SHEEPLE! The National Archives will soon release information proving that Lee Harvey Oswald infected the president with the measles before he could be vaccinated.

First quarter GDP wasn’t that great. Something to remember about GDP: government spending is included. That means, when the government spends $500 on a $20 hammer, the inflated cost is added to the GDP number, distorting it. $500 worth of hammers wasn’t produced, in other words. The fellow who won the contract to supply hammers to the government is probably happy, though.


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