Stuff Going On — 04/28/2017

President Trump says he hopes that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is rational, then points out Kim’s youth and situation. It seems like Trump is trying to empathize with the guy. Trump also says that “major, major” conflict with North Korea is possible. The President also talks about his working relationship with the Chinese President Xi.

Foreign policy is difficult to evaluate, because everyone is lying, all the time.

You hear a news report that President Evilion of Ilackistan is killing puppies and harvesting the gas from their little tummies to create chemical weapons that he uses against his own people. The U.S. FedGov levies economic sanctions in retaliation and the President promises even tougher sanctions (and maybe a nasty fist-shaking at the next U.N. meeting) if President Evilion doesn’t calm himself down.

The President of Ilackistan claims that it is actually the rebels–who no question are tied to terrorists–that are using chemical weapons against innocent children and kittens. Why should you believe him, right? He’s an evil dictator.

Then, a news report comes out that the rebels are, in fact, tied to terrorist organizations from neighboring countries. They are definitely not the good guys. The U.S. FedGov continues as if the first story is true, though, and starts drone-bombing the snot out of Ilackistan.

News reports say that the U.S. bombs destroyed a major explosives manufacturing facility run by terrorists.

No, says other reports, the U.S. actually destroyed an orphanage for crippled children.

It turns out that it was, in fact, an orphanage, but the terrorists were, indeed, building explosives in the basement. Also, the orphans are crippled because their parents were paid to strap bombs on the children and send them into marketplaces and weddings.

The U.S. President says he definitely opposes “boots on the ground” in Ilackistan. Three hours later, there are reports of U.S. troops sighted in the Ilackistan capital. “Oh, those are just, um, advisors,” the President assures everyone.

Ilackistan is developing nukular weapons. Ilackistan would never develop nukular weapons. Ilackistan is a backwater that can barely feed its own people. Ilackistan has a formidable army that it plans to use against its neighbors. President Evilion is insane. President Evilion is a genius.

We finally managed to push President Evilion out of power, and it was the right thing to do. Oops! When we pushed President Evilion out, someone even worse took over, and things are worse than before!

So, what about North Korea?
Maybe we get in a major shooting war with North Korea; maybe the North Korean government collapses without violence due to economic factors. Maybe relations between the U.S. and North Korea continue as they currently are indefinitely, because each side profits from the situation.

♣ A star for the Food Network and her family (husband and unborn child) is killed by a home contractor she hired. A gruesome story.

♥ The Fox News Channel has decided to succumb to the SJW Virus, apparently. So, people are talking about creating an alternative.

Jeffrey Tucker thinks Trump’s tax proposal is “genius”.


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