Stuff Going On 04/27/2017

This memo is for internal use only. Do not discuss the information contained in this memo with parties outside the company, or serious repercussions may result. This memo is for entertainment purposes only, and does not constitute an actual stance on the part of the writers, readers, or those who vetted the information contained in the memo. If the sovereign nation of North Korea really wished to get into a shooting war with the U.S.A. it would pursue a course of writing disparaging Tweets concerning the “true” net-worth of the American President.

♣ I’m interested to see the ACLU bring a lawsuit against the hospital that refuses to attach a giant, fuzzy tail to the fellow who claims he is really a squirrel.

♥ “New York Style” pizzas also don’t taste as good outside New York City, I’m told. These are a good substitute for Oreos™, by the way.

♦ Not a discussion of the Trump Tax Cut Proposal™, but a pretty good overview of the effects of tax cuts.


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