Stuff Going On — 04/26/2017

♠ Three ISIS fighters killed, and five wounded, by razorbacks. Go Hogs!

Taxation is theft. The IRS employee is a microcosm of a larger problem, natch.

Bill Nye hates children. He is merely reflecting modern society’s prejudice against procreational sex.

Bankers doubt the Trump Tax. It’s not workable; he’ll never get it passed; well, since it got passed it won’t do what he says; well, the economy is improving, sure, but not because of the Trump tax cuts, Trump will never win reelection, well, Trump only won re-election because he lucked out with a good economy, Trump is a four-year lame-duck president, holy cow, is Trump incompetent, Trump was the greatest President of our time, now that he’s retired from public life.


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