Donald Trump is desperate to lose the GOP nomination

I’ve wondered for awhile if Donald Trump’s run for the Republican Presidential nomination was a publicity stunt that turned out to be far more successful than he expected.

Other people are now wondering the same thing.

If he wins the nomination, then he has to go into the General Election in a state of extreme unpreparedness. He has already begun shutting down his election machines in various states (such as Florida, an important swing-state). Why would he do that if he expects to get the nomination? I think he kept saying ever more outrageous things, trying to disqualify himself (politically speaking), but each new extreme statement, he discovered, resonated even more with the Trumpalumpas, because they want someone who will fight against the Politically Correct Forces of Evil, and no one else seems to have the stomach for such a fight.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is doing the normal work of electioneering–working the system (according to the rules!), meeting with people, building an organization for the purpose of winning the Presidency. In comparison, Trump seems astonishingly incompetent.


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