Why is William Shakspere thought to be the writer of Shakespeare’s plays?

So, I claim to be an Oxfordian, but I am not a serious one. I just like the song, The Earl of Oxford’s March. However, there are certainly valid questions concerning whether William Shakspere of Stratford actually wrote anything but his name. So why are people so certain that W. Shakspere is Shakespeare?

“There are four main reasons to identify Mr. Shakspere of Stratford with the author William Shakespeare. First, the name ‘William Shakespeare’ (often ‘Shake-speare’) appeared on the title pages of many of the poems and plays published during his lifetime. Second, Ben Jonson wrote a key phrase in the First Folio referring to the author as ‘Sweet Swan of Avon,’ and Leonard Digges refers to ‘thy Stratford moniment.’ Third, fellow actors Heminges and Condell, mentioned in his will, point to him as the author in the Folio. Fourth, the effigy and inscription on his Stratford monument suggest that ‘Shakspeare’ had been a writer. These four reasons would seem to amount to a prima facie case for Mr. Shakspere (evidence sufficient to establish a presumption of fact, unless rebutted by other evidence); however, each of them is problematic.”

Click the link to read the problems with these four reasons.


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