Glass and Levchak and Protestant Divorce

The study is here (I believe):

And here is a more nuanced review of the study than one will find in much of the left-wing blogosphere:


Edit: One of my problems with the study is that the authors seem to be making an unwarranted distinction between “marriage and divorce” and “cohabitation and break-up”.  I infer from their language that they consider cohabitation to be less likely to produce negative consequences, and can even contribute to a stable marriage later on (because people take the time to find “compatible partners”).  While cohabitation is outside the legal sphere, the social damage resulting from a cohabiting couple’s break-up is, I imagine, much the same (possibly worse) as that of legal divorce.  So one of the authors’ elements that supposedly lowers the chance of divorce–cohabitation–can result in the same broken relationships, bad feelings, damaged children, etc.


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