Oregon Trail Music

Ever played the game “The Oregon Trail”?  Ever wonder what the songs were at the various stopping points/river crossings?

Here you go.  (Scroll down to the section entitled “Production Credits”)

“MELODIES AT LANDMARKS, FORTS OR RIVER CROSSINGS; Theme for the Oregon Trail Composed by: Lon Koenig, Larry Phenow; Independence, MO “Yankee Doodle”; Kansas River Crossing “I Gave My Love a Cherry”; Big Blue River Crossing “Oh Dear! What Can the Matter Be?”; Fort Kearney “The Campbells are Coming”; Chimney Rock “Auld Lang Syne” Sung by: Brad Shrag, Mark Durkin, Larry Phenow; Fort Laramie “Billy Boy”; Independence Rock “Wayfarin’ Stranger” Sung by: Larry Phenow; South Pass “Believe Me, Of All Those Endearing Young Charms”; Fort Bridger “Where Has My Laddie Gone?”; Green River Crossing “All Through The Night”; Soda Springs “Charlie is My Darling”; Fort Hall “Skip to My Lou” Sung by: Jan Delozier; Snake River Crossing “Shenandoah” Sung by: Larry Phenow; Fort Boise “On Top Of Old Smokey” Sung by: Jan Delozier; Blue Mountains “Long, Long Ago” Sung by: Jan Delozier; Fort Walla Walla “Flow Gently, Sweet Afton”; The Dalles “Jimmy Crack Corn”; Willamette Valley “Viva la Companie” Led by: Brad Schrag and Larry Phenow with voices by MECC staff ”

Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/the-oregon-trail#ixzz2qL9yRKhm


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