As it turns out, the evidence for human-chimp common ancestry is rather lacking

ICR lays it out.


Edit: I put the wrong link in there; it’s now corrected.


3 Responses to “As it turns out, the evidence for human-chimp common ancestry is rather lacking”

  1. Um, no. As it turns out, ICR is citing AiG as if it were a peer reviewed journal to pretend to be sciency and being fast and loose with the facts, as creationist websites in my experience, universally are (the facts always take a back seat when you try to believe something).

    • As it turns out, your “appeal to authority” holds no sway here.

      • I don’t see how pointing out that they are being deceptive is an appeal to authority. And ideas are not considered credible in science because they come from a scientist, they are considered credible because they can withstand the peer review process and physical tests. Science is a process, not something decreed by some shmuck in a white lab coat. AiG and ICR are trying to, ironically, take advantage of people treating science as an authority and claiming that they have some of that authority themselves. When a creationist website makes a science bashing article authored by “so n’ so, PhD”, they are appealing to authority. And when it turns out (as it almost always does) that the PhD the person holds is not related to the subject they are being represented as having expertise in, and is often not even a scientific field at all, then that is about as moral and professional as walking around in a white coat and calling yourself doctor in a hospital and not telling the patients your degree is in philosophy or engineering or something unrelated to medicine. It is incredibly deceptive and immoral and it’s the kind of thing these websites do all the time.

        I predict that you either won’t care, or if this does upset you you won’t let me know about it.

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