Noah’s Ark


One Response to “Noah’s Ark”

  1. Yeah 8 people could take care of 30,000 animals for 7 months no problem. I mean 3,750 pets is totally feasible, especially if some of them are man-eating crocodiles and dinosaurs and poisonous reptiles. It’s especially easy since half of the animals on the ark eat… the other half of the animals. And hey animals don’t need to drink or breathe (one tiny window about a foot wide for ventillation).

    Also did you catch that little sleight of hand they did with their math where they said that the ark had 3 decks and then rather than calculate the surface area of that they swapped it with five hundred and whatever double-decker train cattle cars? Which would be the equivalent of giving the ark many more decks. I love a fresh cup of evangelical dishonesty in the morning.

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