Evolution Refuted.



2 Responses to “Evolution Refuted.”

  1. Abiogenesis (the idea that life arose naturally from non-living organic matter) has nothing to do with evolution which explains how life adapts and changes and describes how life has changed in the past absolutely regardless of it’s origins. Darwin was a deist who believed life was initially created, conflating evolution with abiogenesis is a dishonest way to attack it by misrepresenting it. The claim that species lose genetic information and don’t gain it is simply a lie, creationists make such claims and when they are debunked and countless examples of new information of all sorts arising in life are given they simply say “that’s not information” and refuse to define “information”. But suffice to say there are populations of humans who have unique genes which convey unique advantages tailored to specific environments, such as helping to cope with specific diets, obvious ones like freckles or dark skin to deal with skin cancer and sunburns, local resistance to disease, genes that give tribes that live in mountains resistance to altitude sickness etc, etc. And often these genes are only found in specific groups which would not be true if they were commonly inherited, but would be true if they occurred as a result of local adaptation.

    The claim that there is no mechanism that adds new genetic “information” to an organism’s genetic code is a lie, gene duplication and subsequent mutation does this all the time and is very common, which is why we often have many copies of the same genes which can then freely mutate and activate and deactivate and manifest in new ways which are then subject to natural selection. There are even mutations which result in species that have multiple copies of their entire genomes in their genomes. If no new “information” can occur through mutation ask yourself how we managed to, simply by picking from natural variations, breed dogs into so many sizes, shapes and colors. This dishonest video says no rational person rejects “adaptation” then goes on to say that one of the basic underlying mechanisms that makes it possible does not exist.

    The implication that we evolved from amoebas is also not accurate. As I believe I’ve explained on your other blogs is that science is not speculation as they imply.

    “Humans are humans and apes are apes”.

    Humans are apes in the same sense that dogs are canines and cats are felines, and canines, felines and apes are all mammals. The above statement is like saying “dogs are dogs and canines are canines”.

    I love how it ends the video with “abiogenesis is false because no one has ever observed it, but all these things in the bible that no one ever observed are true”. Nice.

  2. The Law of Biogenesis refutes molecules-to-man evolutionary theory because m-t-m evolution theory demands a naturalistic explanation for life’s beginning. If one proposes that God (or some other supernatural agent) created life, then there is no reason to suggest He was not involved in the subsequent process of life’s diversification.

    There has not been an observed instance where the genetic code in a population of organisms accrued the necessary increase in new genetic information to, say, develop lungs or to change fins into legs or to turn a non-metamorphizing organism into a metamorphizing one. Theories may be posited; plausible (or seemingly plausible) narratives may be shared, but they do not substitute for actual scientific observation and testing.

    The varieties of dog breeds are evidence of devolution rather than evolution. The original parents contained all the genetic information of its descendants, but the descendants are differentiated by having lost particular genes.

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