Heath Ledger and God’s Salvation

So, I am a big fan of the movie A Knight’s Tale.  It’s such a glorious mess of cheesy goodness.  Here’s my favorite scene:

The king’s son basically raises the commoner William Thatcher, who has been pretending to be a noble so that he can participate in tournaments, to royalty.  He claims that his personal archivists discovered that William is descended from “an ancient royal line.”  Yeah, right.  The prince likes William, and is doing him a favor.  Now, the best line of the prince’s speech is, “This is my word; and as such, is beyond contestation.”  In other words, it’s now true, as a practical matter, that William is descended from royalty.  William now has access to all the priveleges of being royalty.

Personally speaking, I am a mess of cheesy badness.  I struggle with all sorts of sin and temptation.  I’m mean, conniving, selfish, suspicious, greedy, hateful, vengeful, lascivious, etc.  But spiritually speaking, I am a righteous man.  Why do I say that?  Because by God’s grace, I have put my faith in Christ Jesus.  The Prince of Heaven has declared me righteous.  This is His word, and as such, is beyond contestation.

He will do the same for you.  I urge you to trust Christ.


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