Obama: Man of Steel

So, I’m really excited about this new Superman movie that’s coming out on June 14, and enjoy watching the trailers for it.  On my most recent viewing of Trailer #3, I noticed something; maybe it’s just a little thing, and I’m just being paranoid, but if you watch Trailer 3, near the end, Superman is saying “My father believed that if the world knew who I really was, the world would reject me”, or something like that (it’s at the 2:20 mark):

Did you catch the cadence of the question?  Does it remind you of any one?

Yeah, that’s right.  So, I think, “Maybe it’s a fluke; they can’t be comparing Superman to Obama.  That’s crazy insane.”  But I take another listen, and; well, I don’t know, what do you think?

*Superman’s birth mother says that Kal-el will be an outcast, but his Russel Crowe dad argues that he would be a “god” to them.

*Superman seems to be haunted by dreams of his father.

*His Kevin Costner dad tells him that he needs to keep who he really is a secret.  He spends a lifetime “covering his tracks” so that people won’t know where his REAL birthplace was.

*He tells Amy Adams that the symbol on his chest is not an “S”, it’s rather a symbol of hope.  Also, he has this idea that he’s going to change the world.

*In Trailer #2, his mother tells him to pretend he’s on an island (pretend he’s from an island?  Hmmmm.)  On an unrelated note, Hawaii is the only island state in the US (Rhode Island, despite the name, is more of a penninsula).



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