Why Darwinism is unpersuasive

Suppose two men get stranded on a desert island, and as they are walking along the beach, they see a collection of seashells ahead.  As they approach, they realize that the seashells have been arranged to form a message: “Fresh water 50 yards to the north”, accompanied by an arrow helpfully directing one to the north.  The first man says, “Someone must have been here before, and created this message in the sand for those of us who follow after.”  The second man ridicules the first, and says, “That’s unlikely.  What really happened here is that the waves and the weather threw the seashells up on the beach, and only coincidentally arranged them in a pattern that we interpret as a message.”

No offense, but the first man’s hypothesis has exponentially more credibility than the second man’s, because it is our experience that information always derives from an intelligent source.  In the same way, the specific and complex genetic information present in living organisms indicates strongly that an Intelligent Agent was responsible for life’s existence.


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