And Atheists wonder why nobody likes them

Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis points out a growing propensity for atheists to describe Christianity (and religion) as a virus.  There are several fairly incendiary quotes that he places throughout the article, but the most disturbing ones imply that children would be better off if taken from their parents.  One of the quotes, by Jilian Becker is as follows:

“Has anything caused as much human suffering as religion? You might say disease, but religion itself is a disease, of the human race and of individual minds. Persecution, war, torture, terror, bodily pain, mental anguish, profound misery, wasted lives are the chief products of religion.”

Becker has evidently not heard about a certain atheist-based philosophy known as Marxism, which seems to have incurred many of the same suboptimal effects that she ascribes to religion.  Usually the atheist will counter that Marxism itself is a religion, and that the terrors produced by that philosophy should be placed in the “religion” column.  I guess they’re hoping that people don’t figure out that they’re full of diseased monkey snot.

In addition, religion is clearly not a virus, because it is something people embrace.  Viruses, in my experience, are usually something people know to avoid.

The point is that calling people uncomplimentary names because they do not embrace a faithless world, while annoying, has little result beyond, well, annoying people.  Even making sophmoric comparisons between religion and a virus requires little more response than “You’re an idiot”.  But before they engage in the despicable activity of threatening a person’s family, atheists need to remind themselves what happens when one gets between a mama bear and her cubs.


4 Responses to “And Atheists wonder why nobody likes them”

  1. Please, show me where atheism commands you to kill someone? After that let me show you many places where the bible commands it. Of course there are evil systems out there that are also atheistic, but they are not evil because of the atheism, but because of all the other things that actually DO command them to do evil things. Atheism is simply the absence of belief in a god, nothing more. No chance to justify murder from it – while almost every specific religions allows to justify murder in many, many ways.

    • *Please, show me where atheism commands you to kill someone? After that let me show you many places where the bible commands it.*

      And killing is…bad…right?

      Because it seems to me that in a materialistic, naturalistic universe, there’s really no “good” or “evil”, only an organism’s capacity to survive, and that killing off one’s rivals (for food, mating opportunities, a nice view of the ocean, etc.) can hardly be condemned as an unreasonable or immoral activity.

      • Oh, the old “atheism has no morality” gambit. While true (atheism does not say anything about morale, except perhaps, that getting one from a god doesn’t make sense), it does not mean, that atheists don’t have morality. They simply have to search for a better basis for morality than “2000 years ago, some guy said god wants it”. Atheists have to actually THINK about morality, have to think what’s good for the people.

        Yes, there is no “good” and no “evil” in the universe – except in our brains. Good and evil are just concepts made by humans – and thus, so is morality.

  2. In other words, “the old ‘atheism has no morality’ gambit” is essentially true.

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