God and omnipotence/omniscience

“Can an all-powerful and all-knowing being invent a problem so difficult that he doesn’t know the solution?”

“This effort fares no better. We’re still talking about triangular circles.This is pitting God’s omnipotence and omniscience against each other, but omniscience can be seen as just a special case of omnipotence. Being all-knowing is exersicing [sic] one’s omnipotence over knowledge; an all-powerful being can already solve every problem.And the problem mentioned in the question is self-contradictory. It is a problem that cannot be solved by a being that can solve each and every problem. Such a problem doesn’t exist. It even cannot exist.God doesn’t “lack” anything, if he cannot make such a problem exist. Why not? Because the sentence still means nothing. It is a contradiction of terms, just like having Gyro Gearloose invent a bulb that emits “dark light”.No being can create — be he all-powerful or not — a clear-sighted person who is stone-blind, silent noise, squares without corners or problems an all-powerful being cannot solve. Not the being nor his omnipotence is deficient; the tasks are contradictions of terms.If this question has been an intellectual barrier to you, it is time to trash it and get to know The Almighty. He is looking for you to make of your life something very special.”

Me: So, neener, neener.


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