The law of biogenesis and Darwinist intractability

So, I’m arguing over on the “Debunking Atheists” page on Facebook, and get into a discussion about whether Jesus really existed or not (hint:  He did), and it naturally turned into a discussion of abiogenesis, thanks to me.  My challenge to any atheist is to show me some scientific experiment or recorded observation of life arising from non-life.  Many atheists are going to dance around this question like a [insert clever simile here], because it refutes atheism at its core.  Well, one brave soul tried to answer my question by showing this:
Not even close, and we have the scientist’s word on that:

Venter: We created a new cell. It’s alive. But we didn’t create life from scratch.  We created. as all life on this planet is. out of a living cell.

So, atheists still need to show that life can arise from non-life through natural processes before I will allow them to proceed with their other arguments.


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