Truth, Lies, and Videotape

Over on the “Creationism” page on facebook, I posted a video from Ian Juby:

Some random anti-science fellow commented, claiming that Ian Juby was caught lying.  This did not surprise me, for whenever an anti-science Darwinist is faced with the sound, logical, and scientific arguments of a Creationist, the Darwinist usually resorts to calling the Creationist a liar.  In any case, as evidence, the random anti-science fellow presented this video:

Well, having watched the video, I discovered that the author of the video didn’t “prove” that Ian Juby was a liar.  He didn’t even prove that Ian’s hypothesis was wrong–by his own admission!   The video’s author first claims that he performed an experiment using chickens, which would, incidentally, fall short of verifying or falsifying Ian’s hypothesis about dinosaurs*, but then turns around and says that he didn’t perform any experiment at all, but nevertheless concludes that Ian’s hypothesis is wrong because “screw you, that’s why”.  Typical Darwinist nonsense.  He makes much of the “fact” that Ian didn’t read the source material carefully, but then shows no sign that he actually read it himself, except to dig out a spurious “fact” that “contradicted” Ian’s hypothesis (something about the dinosaur eggs coming from two different species).  Well, it is manifest that the video’s author did not read the article himself, at least read it with understanding, because the article clearly supports Ian’s hypothesis:

Does a regular pattern of eggs indicate dinosaur manipulation? A look at Figure 3 with the greater but uniform gap between the pairs of eggs on the right suggests that the eggs were merely dropped, not manipulated. The even distance between pairs of eggs suggests a mechanical determination consistent with their exiting the oviducts in pairs. The mechanical nature of the layout is emphasized by Mikhailov, et al. (1994, p. 99) when they state concerning the eggs of Mongolia, “The eggs are often preserved in pairs, possibly as a result of the simultaneous action of both oviducts and the gluing together of the eggs with a mucous secretion.” Paired eggs would then be a sign of stress on the gravid female which resulted in her effort to rid herself of the encumbering eggs as rapidly as possible. The eggs would not have been manipulated into this pattern, but instead simply fell and were allowed to remain where they fell in the linear pattern as she continued moving forward laying the eggs.

True science**, FTW!

*Even if his claim that “chickens descended from dinosaurs” were true, performing the experiment using chickens would not necessarily tell us anything about dinosaurs, since they’re different animals.

**Creationism, without a doubt.


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